Living Legacy of Leadership

The convergence of the Guiding Principles of Leadership and Lean Enterprise.

We commit to a sustained leadership model that creates a culture where each of us returns home with a sense of fulfillment.

Label Applicator and Converting Equipment
  • Share the vision of a vibrant future, driven by empowered individuals working in teams, committed each day to continuous improvement.
  • Chart our progress in a way that reflects our passion for people.
  • Daily communication, sharing, and listening:
    • Connects team members to the vision;
    • Recognizes, encourages, and inspires people.
  • A partnership of trust fosters an environment of responsible freedom.
    • In an environment of responsible freedom, we are inspired to contribute our gifts and talents, have a bias for action, and are accountable for the outcome.
  • By coming together in cross-functional interaction, we leverage our collective knowledge and build empathy for others, resulting in improved processes.
    • When we have empathy, we understand, respect and value others' perspective.
  • As leaders, we encourage others to discover, develop, and apply their talents, enabling them to reach their full potential.
    • Each of us has the capacity to lead and inspire others through our actions.
  • Through recognition and celebration of individual and team achievements, we strengthen the heart and soul of the organization.

As we move forward on this journey, we will be inspired to encourage our head, heart, and hands to create habits that result in extraordinary levels of achievement and fulfillment.


A $1.5 billion global capital equipment and engineering consulting company, Barry-Wehmiller prefers to measure its success by the way it touches the lives of people.

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