Safety Covenant

At each Barry-Wehmiller facility, every
stakeholder has an equal right to and
responsibility for building a safe environment.

We have a sincere, consistent commitment to a culture where safety is more than a priority; it is a company value. Safety is integral to everything we do. We, as stakeholders, are each responsible to model these values:

  • Support and trust at every level in the organization allow the culture to flourish.
  • Open communication allows us to recognize and address risks in the workplace.
  • Each individual takes responsibility for their environment and works proactively to create a culture of safety.
  • Each individual is empowered to identify unsafe situations, is compelled to act to resolve them, and when needed, to communicate the situation to those qualified for resolution.
  • There is a sense of urgency to resolve issues.
  • Continuous, interactive education and training allow us to understand the consequences of our actions on others and ourselves.
  • We have care and concern for our family, both at work and at home, and are driven to action to keep them and ourselves safe.
  • We all have pride in ownership of the safety culture.
  • We will share knowledge and best practices across the entire Barry-Wehmiller organization.
  • We will nurture the safety culture for sustained growth and success.
  • We will celebrate individuals and teams that live this covenant.


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