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Accraply 4S Simple Stand-alone Servo System

Is your current pressure-sensitive labeller using dated applicator motor technology? Upgrade to the Accraply 4S Series Label Applicator System, and immediately see a vast improvement in line speed and label accuracy*.

Accraply’s 4S (Simple, Stand-alone Servo System) Series Label Applicator System is a stand-alone, self-contained system powered by a Kollmorgen servo motor and fitted with an Allen-Bradley MMI. This labelling system upgrade will make an immediate sustained impact on your line productivity.

  • Speed: The 4S Series’ servo-driven motor increases the speed of your existing labeller to up to 3,000 inches per minute*, depending on the application and length of label.
  • Precision: The 4S Series’ speed following control allows labelling accuracy of +/- 0.0625”
  • Efficiency: The 4S Series’ one-page MMI provides easy operation and stores up to 25 recipes for each label applicator. This reduces changeover time and minimises operator error.
  • Cost of Ownership: With a power consumption of zero amps at rest and one to two amps when running, the 4S saves thousands of pounds in electrical expenses over the useful life of the equipment.

* Actual observed speed is dependent on product and label specifications; additional options may be required to achieve a specific application speed.


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