35PW Labelling System

The Accraply 35PW is an extremely versatile labelling system designed for the application of panel and wrap-around labels on a wide range of container shapes. With superb product handling the 35PW can label front and/or back panel labels on square, rectangular or oval containers as well as wrap labels around cylindrical products. This technology is ideal for co-packers who must switch from one application to another with ease and limited downtime. The standard configuration allows you to change between multiple product shapes and sizes with no tooling changes.

The rugged construction for demanding continuous duty operation, the quick, easy changeover capability from one product to another, and proven technology make this system exceptional value.

  • Heavy-duty construction uses oversized drive components combined with an aluminium stainless steel base frame for years of dependable service
  • Adjustable variable speed conveyor
  • Quick “no-tools” adjustments with position indication for fast, repeatable changeover
  • Various product in-feed systems available that produce precise product spacing for your applications
  • Centrally driven wrap belt for constant speed synchronisation
  • Quick-change wrap belt assemblies for labelling within a recess or beneath oversize caps
  • Advanced high torque servo-driven applicators include ratio offset and speed following capability for accurate, reliable application of a wide variety of label materials
  • Drop-in from the top label threading web path with quick-release rewind reel core
  • Convenient centralised pivoting touchscreen
  • Application Rate: Up to 3000” per minute
  • Production Rates: Up to 600 per minute depending on product and label sizes
  • Electrical Requirements: 220 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 20 Amp Service
  • Air Requirements: 80 PSI
  • Product Conveyor: 4.5” wide flush sided
  • Product Capacity:
    Maximum Diameter: 8”
    Maximum Height: 12.5”
    Minimum Diameter: .75”
    Minimum Height: 1.75”
    Label Capacity Maximum Length: 20”
    Maximum Height: 6”
    Minimum Length: .75”
    Minimum Height: .375”
  • Machine Dimensions: Length ≈ 132” Width ≈ 85” Height ≈ 66”

* All specification and tooling requirements are subject to Accraply evaluation of all label and product samples. Specifications shown reflect standard machine capabilities. Accraply can also meet other specification requirements. Please telephone for details.

  • Metering wheels or dual screws
  • Thermal printer or various other printers
  • Wide web label capacity
  • Line driven wrap assemblies for dispense/wrap & flag/wrap
  • Clear film label sensor
  • In-feed and out-feed product backlog sensor
  • Conveyor extensions
  • Large capacity powered rewinds and unwinds
  • Inspection options