Sirius MK6 Advanced Grade Labeller

The Sirius MK6 Labeller is an accurate and reliable system manufactured for high-speed label applications. With a maximum production speed of 300 products per minute, the Sirius MK6 increases your production line’s speed and efficiency.

Built with a heavy-duty conveyor and stainless-steel base frame, this label application machine is made to last. It’s innovative “no tool” adjustment process allows the user to effortlessly perform product changeovers. The operating system is cost effective, allowing for easy use, setup, and maintenance. It also includes video tutorials on maintenance, changeovers, and system alarms.

This system is not only easy to use, but also can keep up with the industry’s advanced machine capability requirements. The Sirius MK6 is a Pharmaceutical Grade Labeller.


Benefits of an Accraply Labeller

Accraply UK and it’s Harland brand provide innovative solutions for pressure sensitive and self-adhesive labelling machines. Our solutions are customisable and can be moulded to fit your specific budget, specifications, and expectations. To learn more about Accraply UK's trusted brand Harland, visit the Harland brand page.

Benefits of the Sirius MK6 Advanced Grade Labeller

Accraply’s Advanced Labeller provides numerous benefits for your production line, including an enhanced control system, a compact design that minimises its footprint, and precise capabilities for front, back, and wrap applications for increased accuracy and improved product handling. Learn more about the benefits of the Sirius MK6 Advanced Labeller below.

Rugged Heavy Gauge Frame

The Sirius MK6 Advanced Labeller is designed with a robust, durable construction expected from Accraply equipment.

Simple No-Tool Changeovers

With minimal downtime and reduced waste you can expect a higher profit for your business. The “no tool” adjustment of this grade labeller means fast, easy, and repeatable product changeovers for greater efficiency.

Grade Labeler

The Sirius MK6 Advanced Labeller offers exceptional label application and unparalleled product handling for a superior quality end product.

Worldwide Support Network

Accraply is proud to provide global expertise served locally, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you invest in our advanced grade labeller equipment, our exceptional customer service and highly knowledgeable team will be there to support your machine and your business.

Next Generation Smart HMI

With preventative maintenance alerts, consumable parts ordering directly from its human machine interface, video change-over assistance, and on-board troubleshooting, diagnosis, and efficiency reporting, the Sirius MK6 Advanced Labeller comes with truly next generation HMI technology. Learn more.

Partner with Accraply for the Sirius MK6 Advanced Grade Labeller

When you add the highly versatile Sirius MK6 Advanced Labeller from Accraply to your production line, you can expect it to meet the requirements of the packaging industry and beyond. This industry-leading advanced grade labeller is the compact, heavy-duty labelling solution for your application. Fill out the contact form to inquire about the Sirius MK6 Advanced Labeller.


  • Ability to precisely label and sleeve front, back, and wrap labelling applications
  • Conveyor and stainless-steel base frame designed and tested for durability
  • “No tool” product changeover to increase efficiency and production speed
  • User friendly operating system with HMI video tutorials on everyday tasks
  • Ability to utilise multi-level password security through Accraply’s HMI System
  • Access to efficiency reporting through HMI System
  • Ability to schedule maintenance tasks and purchase spare parts through HMI
  • Compact design to reduce wasted space in production line
  • Utilisation of Servo driven conveyor, stabiliser, labelling heads, and wrap system that provides higher accuracy and product flexibility
  • Pivoting centralised controls for convenience
  • Access to a worldwide support network
  • A fully enclosed and interlocked guarding design
  • CFR21 pt 11 compliant HMI that enables HMI Audit functionality
  • CE and UL compliant versions available
  • Production Rates: Up to 300 products per minute depending on product and label sizes
  • Electrical Requirements: 220V/240 V single phase AC, 50/60 Hz. Special electrical options available on request.
  • Air Requirements: Air required for some overprinters and security systems.
  • Weight: As standard 320 kg
  • Product Capacity: 
    • Maximum Diameter: 100 mm
    • Height min/max: 20mm / 350 mm
      Width min/max: 15mm / 200 mm
  • Label Capacity:
    • Web Width min/max: 10 mm / 305 mm
    • Label Length min/max: 10 mm / 330 mm


  • Full pharmaceutical validation package
  • High speed pharmaceutical fail-safe inspection and rejection system
  • Extended wrap length capacity
  • Conveyor extension
  • Hot stamp or thermal printers

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