Label Unwind and Splicing Machines

The goal of most production environments is optimum efficiency. Our label unwind and splicing systems allow your production line to reach maximum productivity and reduce or even eliminate unnecessary downtime.

For over 20 years, Accraply has been Europe’s trusted brand for high quality product labelling solutions and machines.

Harland Gemini

Within the Harland brand, the Gemini is a reliable machine made to increase your production efficiency. For maximum efficiency, this machine contains two 500mm diameter vertical mounted reels with a variable speed powered unwind system.

The maximum production rate of the Harland Gemini system is a linear speed of 110 meters per minute.  

920 Dual Roll Unwind

Reaching variable speeds up to 7,620 cm per minute, the 920 Dual Powered Label Unwind System improves machine production capacity. It is no longer necessary to stop your machine when loading new labels. The operator will be notified to splice a new roll via an end-of-roll detection alarm and light system. This increases production line efficiency and levels.

Harland Gemini Details

  • Dual 500mm vertical mounted reels with variable speed powered unwind, enabling you to customise to your productions' needs.
  • Equipped with label reservoir system and splicing table to enable continuous label-feed, even while manual splicing
  • Web is reorientated to a vertical attitude through a rotating module
  • System’s sequencing is controlled by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

920 Dual Roll Unwind Product Details

  • Alarm system to notify operator of low label roll
  • Ability to jog remaining label roll into a holding bin, allowing the machine to use the full roll
  • Slice new label roll in seconds without having to stop production lines

Harland Gemini Technical Specifications

  • Production Rates: Maximum linear speed 110 metres per minute
  • Electrical Requirements: DC drive 110 or 240 volt
  • Product Capacity: Maximum Diameter of 500 mm
  • Label Capacity: Maximum Web Width of 150 mm


  • Roll Diameter: 50.8 cm
  • Roll Width: 15.24cm
  • Speed: Variable speed to 7,620 cm per minute

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