9000VF Wraparound Labeller

Achieve higher speeds labelling cylindrical products with the 9000VF high speed wrap around labelling system from Accraply.

Designed for use with integrated inspection systems, the 9000VF is also easy to set-up, operate, and maintain. This high-performance machine applies labels at speeds of up to 600 per-minute.

This automatic label system simplifies the process of applying a single label to your products. It features a conveyor belt and innovative control systems in a modular design.

The Accraply model 9000VF provides highly accurate, high speed wraparound labelling to a wide variety of products. It can be used to label small diameter, conveyor stable, cylindrical containers.

Accuracy is enhanced due to the system’s vertical roller fixtures. This feature side references your containers as they are being labelled. Precise side referencing virtually eliminates label skew.

Interchangeable in-feed scroll and roller assemblies are available for simple conversion to different product sizes.

Accraply is the UK's leading company in the pressure sensitive label industry. Our labelling machines are trusted in bottle labelling, pharmaceutical labelling, and linear labelling applications. Discover our 9000VF high speed wraparound labeller and add it to your production line today.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel base frame
  • Raised bed stainless steel conveyor provides easy access for cleaning
  • Stainless steel enclosures, covers and guards
  • Touch-screen operator interface offers state-of-the-art controls for operation and support of entire labelling system
  • Vertical roller fixture assembly ensures precise and non-skewed continuous label application
  • No-error operation
  • Single in-feed scroll with no-tools-needed changeover
  • Verification and inspection system supports the entire range of printing and interrogation options
  • Track and eject capabilities
  • Self-centring product detection
  • Application Rate: 0 to 4000” (10160 cm) per minute, depending on product and label sizes
  • Production Rates: Up to 600 per minute depending on product and label sizes
  • Electrical Requirements: 220/208 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz,15 Amp Service
  • Air Requirements: 60 PSI
  • Product Conveyor: Flat ground top plate
  • Conveyor Elevation: 35” - 42” (889 mm - 1067 mm)
  • Product Capacity: Maximum Diameter: 2” (51 mm) Maximum Height: 4.5” (114 mm)
  • Minimum Diameter: .5” (13 mm) Minimum Height: 1” (25 mm)
  • Label Capacity: Maximum Width: 8” (203 mm) Minimum Width: .375” (9.5 mm) Roll
  • Size-O.D.: 16” (406 mm) Core Size-I.D.: 3” (76 mm)
  • Label Staging Accuracy: ±1/64” (.4 mm)

    * Production rate indicated is subject to change, depending upon product and label combinations. All specifications and tooling requirements are subject to Accraply evaluation of all label and product samples. Specifications shown reflect standard machine capabilities. Accraply can also meet other specification requirements.Learn more at Accraply.
  • Additional vertical fixture
  • Additional peeler plate
  • Hot stamp or other printers
  • Inspection system integration
  • Low and broken web and printer detection packages
  • Free-standing large capacity label unwinds
  • Additional scrolls
  • Splice detector

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