Graham & Sleevit DF60

The DF60 applicator is capable of applying a sleeve of between 20 mm and 130 mm in diameter, at sleeve lengths between 25 mm and 70 mm, to containers up to 60 per minute. Between these extremes, DF60 applicators may be easily customised to suit the exact requirements of a project using standard, compatible modules. Change parts that are necessary to enable different sized containers to be processed are few in number and are both quick and simple to fit, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Accraply technology has designed and developed a new control system which is pneumatically operated, whilst retaining the flexibility of sleeve length and application position found on our higher volume applicators. Whilst the DF60 applicator design retains the proven Accraply principles of cutting and opening sleeves, the entire structure and control system are completely new. In particular, the frame has side-loaded sleeve reels for improved ease of use where rear access is difficult; whilst taking up very little line length.

Easy to install, easy to set, easy to maintain, yet robust enough to work a 24 hour shift, the DF60 applicator can be combined with conveyors, container handling, pitching device and shrink tunnels, to form a complete, automatic sleeving system.

  • Unique, Compact and Low Cost
  • Fully enclosed, interlocked guarding as standard
  • Can be fully customised to meet exact customer requirements
  • Fully Pneumatically Operated
  • Side-loaded sleeve reels for ease of loading
  • Fully interchangeable change parts and assemblies
  • Cost effective alternative to labour-intensive hand application
  • Flexibility of sleeve length and application position
  • Easy to install, set up, and maintain
  • Conveyor Height: 900 mm/1000 mm, min/max: [35.43 inches/39.37 inches]
  • Container Diameter: 20 mm - 130 mm, min/max: [0.79 in - 5.12 in]
  • Sleeve Length: 25 mm-70 mm, min/max:[.98 inches - 2.76 inches]
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 60 products per minute
  • Material Type: PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, PLA
  • Material Thickness: 40 - 70 microns
  • Air: 80 PSI, 5.5 bars/.3 m3 /min
  • Electrical: 230 VAC, Single Phase, 2 Amp