Graham & Sleevit VF650 Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The Accraply Shrink Sleeve Model VF650 is a vertical shrink sleeve label applicator designed for the heavy duty operations required by high volume producers. The small footprint, simple operator interface, and minimal machine maintenance makes the Model VF650 one of the most cost-effective machines on the market.

This shrink sleeve label applicator features sophisticated controls for the cutting carriage and servo-motors, which ensure repeatable cut length and material placement accuracy at high speeds. Sleeve materials made from PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, or PLA material can be run at thicknesses of between 40 and 70 microns and applied to multi-shaped containers at speeds of up to 650 per minute, dependent upon the length of material to be applied.

The colour touchscreen automatically sets machine and ancillary module speeds, minimising downtime for “no-tools” product changeover. Additionally, a patented fully adjustable cutter assembly means that the only change part on the Model VF650 is the product mandrel.


  • Shrink sleeve labels applied to round, oval or square containers
  • Speeds up to 650 containers per minute
  • Shrink sleeve labels applied to either empty or filled containers made of glass, plastic, metal, or paperboard
  • Compact design minimises footprint
  • Quick “no-tools” adjustment for fast, easy product changeovers
  • Colour touchscreen operator interface with recipe storage for container and sleeve material combinations
  • For use with PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, or PLA material from 40 to 70 microns thick
  • Product Diameter: 28 mm - 170 mm [1.1 in - 6.6 in]
  • Sleeve Length: 30 mm - 300 mm [1.1 in - 11.8 in]
  • Maximum Speed: 650 products per minute
  • Material Type: PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, PLA
  • Material Thickness: 40 - 70 microns
  • Air: N/A
  • Electrical: 240 VAC, 3-Phase, 30 Amp 230 VAC, Single Phase, 9 Amp
  • Weight: 400 kg [881.85 lbs]
  • Maximum Unwind Diameter: 600 mm [23.6 in]
  • Unwind Core Diameter: 127 mm [5 in]
  • Standard Conveyor Height: 900 mm - 1000 mm [35.43 inches/39.37 inches]

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