Graham & Sleevit ST504 Steam Tunnel

The fully adjustable steam lance system can accommodate multiple lances in each zone, which enables precise, repeatable set-up for even the most complex shaped products. The modular approach gives the flexibility to adjust the required length of tunnel to suit the most demanding applications. Additional zones can be added after initial installation if and when required.

Each zone is provided with front and rear full-width ‘clear view’ access doors for a glimpse inside the tunnel. Steam distribution and metering in each zone is provided by easy-to-read numerical indicators enabling the operator to set and repeat the optimum temperature profile for each product. This makes an ideal set-up for the shrink process and minimum steam usage possible.

  • Modular zone design
  • Double skin insulated stainless steel construction
  • Fully adjustable steam lances
  • ‘Clear view’ access doors for viewing inside tunnel
  • Excess steam regulated by butterfly valves and variable speed extraction fan
  • Tunnel Type: Steam
  • Conveyor Height: 900 mm/1000 mm, min/max: [35.43 inches/39.37 inches]
  • Container Height: 50 mm/300 mm, min/max: [1.97 inches/11.81 inches]
  • Container Diameter:  20 mm/150 mm, min/max: [79 inches/5.91 inches]
  • Nozzles Variable Pressure: 5 Bars [72.52 PSI]
  • Electrical: 230 VAC, Single Phase, 7.5 Amps
  • Weight: 250 kg [550 lbs]
  • Steam Requirements: 150 kg steam per hour

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