Stanford Control Upgrades

PLC Upgrades 

The current LED display and keypad will be replaced with a 12" GE touchscreen. This screen includes the latest version of the Stanford User Graphic Interface, SCI-4. The graphic screen allows operators to freely monitor and change parameters while the machine is running. Clear displays of error conditions make troubleshooting easy, while several advanced features are included in the screen that allow more control over roll quality.  

  • Unlimited recipes - Operators can quickly get back to the same settings they previously used in a job.
  • Multiple languages - Can easily be switched.
  • Real units - All units are calibrated. For example, solvent is measured in ml/min, not a percentage of dispense.
  • Custom unit selection - Length can be in feet, but width in millimeters, all easily selected by the operator.
  • Easy diagnostics - If the machine won’t go when the Start button is pressed, the screen clearly indicates to the operator why it won’t run.
  • On-screen help - Get the machine back in operation quickly. 
Finally, the upgrade replaces various small sensors, encoders and electronic pressure valves that are no longer available or use non-standard outputs.  

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