Stanford 3038/ 3038 HC Slitter Rewinder

When capacity and speed are paramount the Stanford 3038 | 3038HC Slitter Rewinder is well suited to wide web width, large diameters and high speed.

The 3038 handles a wide range of materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, film laminates, self-adhesive label stock, paper and other flexible materials. With a lift-out bottom rewind shaft, the 3038 is capable of single-shaft winding complete rolls of material in a locked-core mode.A shaftless floor pick-up allows operators the ease of loading, while a step-in platform facilitates knife setup. This unit has an AC Vector drive system, CompactLogix based controls with multiple touchscreens and unlimited recipe storage.

Accraply engineers a large selection of Stanford Doctor Machines®, a complete line of duplex differential slitter rewinders and shrink sleeve finishing equipment, as well as customized equipment.

  • Dual differential rewind shafts
  • Shaftless Unwind w/ Floor Pick-up\
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls with unlimited recipes\
  • Independent rider rolls for density control
  • Integrated web guide and tension control
  • Bag-edge adjustment roller
  • Main Web Clamps
  • Two-motor smart AC Vector drive system]
  • CompactLogix PAC Control
  • Over/under winding
  • Internet based remote diagnostic with WiFi capability
  • Minimum Web Width: 315”[381 mm]
  • Maximum Web Width: 62” / 70” [1,575 mm] / [1,778 mm]
  • Maximum Web Speed*:1,500 fpm / 2,000 fpm [457 mpm] / [600 mpm]
  • Maximum Unwind Diameter:40”[1,016 mm]
  • Maximum Unwind Roll Weight: 2,000 lbs [907 Kg]
  • Maximum Rewind Diameter:24” / 32” HC[610 mm] / [813 mm]
  • HCTension:1.5 PLI [0.26 Kg/cm]
  • Total Minimum Tension: 3.75 lbf[1.7 Kgf]
  • Shaft Options:DXF Shafts, Cam-Lok ShaftsT
  • Trimming Options: Razor, Score, Shear
  • Machine Options: Gap Winding, Line Guide, Roll Pusher, Roll Unloading ,Laser Core Positioner, Automatic Knife Setup, Digital Knife Readout, Log winding, Trim Removal

* Max speed is a function of the material characteristics (including COF, coatings, ink adhesion, curing, and drying), gauge bands, tension and web width


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