Stanford 738HC Narrow Web Slitter Machine

Expand your production capacity by making the switch to the Stanford 738HC Narrow Web Slitter Machine. This machine can handle a large variety of products and materials, making it a valuable addition to your production line.

Build a Narrow Web Slitter Customized to Your Application

Accraply is an industry-leading provider of converting and finishing equipment for those in the shrink sleeve label and flexible packaging markets.

Our half a century of experience gives us the ability to engineer systems that fit your application’s needs. Machines provided by Accraply can integrate with your existing or future production line.

To learn more about a custom machine solution from Accraply, contact a representative today.

The Stanford 738HC

High-Speed Narrow Web Slitter

The Stanford 738HC can reach a maximum web speed of 1,500 fpm. It also supplies an integrated web guide and tension control for precise production at high speeds.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Products

Looking for a narrow web converter capable of managing a wide range of products? The Stanford 738HC is the narrow web slitter machine for you. It was engineered to manage many product types, especially those with containers that are not uniform in thickness.

Create with a Variety of Materials

In addition to managing a wide range of products, the 738HC can also operate with many types of materials. This includes flexible label materials and other materials such as:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Film laminates
  • Self-adhesive label stock
  • Paper

Built with Industry-Leading Technology

This Stanford machine comes with the industry’s newest technology, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition.

The CompactLogix PAC Control system and the two-motor smart AC vector drive system keep your production line running at optimal efficiency.

Additional Machine Options

There are many added machine options available for the Stanford 738HC, such as:

  • Gap Winding
  • Line/Edge Guide
  • Roll Lift
  • Roll Pusher
  • Roll Unloading
  • Laser Core Positioner
  • Automatic Knife Setup
  • Digital Knife Readout
  • Independent Rider Rolls
  • Trim Removal

Get Started Today

To learn more about Accraply’s Stanford 738HC Narrow Web Slitter Machine, contact an Accraply representative today.

  • Dual differential rewind shafts
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls with unlimited recipes
  • Cantilevered rewind shafts (supported while winding)
  • Splice table with pneumatic clamps
  • Pneumatically inert rider rolls for density control
  • Integrated Web Guide and Tension Control
  • Two-motor smart AC Vector drive system
  • CompactLogix PAC Control
  • Over/under winding
  • Internet based remote diagnostic with WiFi capability
  • Minimum Web Width: 6”[152 mm]
  • Maximum Web Width: 50” [1,270mm]
  • Maximum Web Speed*: 1,500 fpm [457 mpm]
  • Maximum Unwind Diameter: 40”[1,016 mm]
  • Maximum Unwind Roll Weight: 2,000 lbs [907 Kg]
  • Maximum Rewind Diameter: 32”[813 mm]
  • Tension:1.5 PLI [0.26 Kg/cm]
  • Total Minimum Tension: 3.75 lbf [1.7 Kgf]
  • Shaft Options: DXF Shafts, Cam-Lok Shafts
  • Trimming Options: Razor, Score ,Shear
  • Machine Options: Gap Winding ,Line/Edge Guide ,Roll Lift ,Roll Pusher ,Roll Unloading ,Laser Core Positioner ,Automatic Knife Setup ,Digital Knife Readout ,Independent Rider Rolls ,Trim Removal

* Max speed is a function of the material characteristics (including COF, coatings, ink adhesion, curing, and drying), gauge bands, tension and web width


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