204PRV Degassing Relief Valve Applicator

Accraply’s 204 PRV is engineered specifically for the application of pressure relief valves which are used to release the internal build up of pressure in containers or flexible packaging.

With the 204 PRV, all aspects of the valve application are controlled by the integrated microprocessor. This includes oil insertion into the valve, hole punching in the film/container, and precise valve placement over the hole.

This high quality applicator offers the flexibility to be mounted to a variety of bag making machines including continuous or intermittent form, fill and seal machines.

  • Models for intermittent or continuous operation
  • Industrial design for 24/7 operation
  • Advanced web control for accurate valve placement
  • Compact, flexible & highly adaptable
  • Designed for integration with Form-Fill-Seal and Bag/Pouch making machines
  • Feature rich microprocessor controls
  • User-friendly, rotatable operator interface
  • Right or left- hand configuration available
  • Dual stepper drives for speed and precision
  • 405mm/16” diameter label roll unwind with advanced valve liner tension control
  • Stepper drive with custom nip rollers for precise and consistent feed
  • Independently driven collapsible rewind for quick, easy removal of the waste liner
  • Microprocessor with built-in applicator controls, auto diagnosis and status messages
  • Integrated module for oil injection
  • Intermittent model includes an integrated converging hole punch & applicator
  • Continuous model includes an integrated servo hole punch & wipe-on applicator with automatic product speed following

204PRV-I (Intermittent Operation)

Application Rate:

  • Up to 110 valves per minute

Film Speed:

  • Applied during the dwell cycle

Bag Length:

  • No limitations

204PRV-C (Continuous Operation)

  • Application Rate:
  • Up to 300 valves per minute

Film Speed:

  • Up to 40M (1,574”)/minute

Bag Length:

  • 127mm (5”) minimum

General Specifications

Applied Accuracy:

  • +\- 1.5mm (0.059”)

Valve Rolls:

  • O.D. 405mm (16”)
  • Core: 152mm (6”)


  • 110VAC, 50/60HZ, 6A
  • 240VAC, 50/60 HZ, 3A

Operating Temp:

  • 5 - 40 C (41 - 104 F)


  • 30 - 85% non-condensing


  • Applicator extensions to reach into existing packaging equipment
  • Web cage to divert the film path on vertical form, fill & seal machines
  • Web brake to stabilize the film on intermittent form, fill & seal machines
  • Non-stop supply roll change kit (dual unwind & splice table)
  • Non-stop waste roll removal kits (waste cutter or vacuum nozzle)
  • Inspection options for missing oil, valves or vent holes
  • Alarm package with three color light stack
  • IP65 rating for wet or dusty environments

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