Harland Titan High Speed Labeler

A giant step in labeling for global brands. Developed out of a major global contract, ‘Titan’ is a new high-speed, heavy-duty 4-station linear pressure sensitive labeling system for applying front & back labels to any shape of glass or plastic bottle/container.

Totally servo-driven, ‘Titan’ can accurately label at speeds up to 450 ppm as standard. Flexibility in the incorporation of labeling heads allows for the effective high speed application of ultra-thin film labels.

This linear labeling machine offers fantastic flexibility, high speed capability and, via a four applicator configuration, the advantage of zero downtime auto-change.

  • Quick and easy changeover between different products is provided by the use of retractable labeling heads that slide out easily when splicing, replenishing or changing label reels; thus minimizing line downtime. Further enhanced by color-coded changepart scrolls.
  • Heavy-duty linear modular construction reducing maintenance and changeover costs. Also vital in relation to ease of repairs and servicing. Easily integrated into existing production lines.
  • Enhanced control system incorporating single touch screen user interface provides a very high level of user diagnostics.
  • The unique software enables quick set-up times between product changeover and is self-monitoring to provide optimum reliability and operational efficiency.
  • Innovative wipedown module ensures labels are efficiently smoothed to exactly and accurately match the contours of even the most irregularly-shaped containers and bottles. Optional product handling pucks are available for correctly presenting the most complex of shapes.
  • Fully integrated inspection/vision systems provide detection for label verification and presence, accuracy of position and alignment, barcode reading, evaluation and verification.
  • Production Rates:
    Up to 450 products per minute depending on product and label sizes.

  • Electrical Requirements:
    220V 3 phase AC, 50/60Hz. Motor rating 2.6kW. Special electrical options available on request

  • Air Requirements:
    Air required for some overprinters and security systems

  • Weight:
    As standard from 2,500kg

  • Product Capacity:
    Maximum Width: 130 mm
    Minimum Width: 15 mm
    Maximum Height: 330 mm
    Minimum Height: 20 mm

  • Label Capacity:
    Maximum Web Width: 205 mm
    Minimum Web Width: 13 mm
    Maximum Web Length: 330 mm
    Minimum Web Length: 10 mm

  • Base Unit: 2 Station or 4 Station.
  • Infeed Unit: Single scroll, twin scroll, infeed wheel, orientation units for aligning ovals.
  • Label Head: Label head speed motion controlled, optional stepper/servo, up to 60m/min. Powered unwind option.
  • Stabiliser: Horizontally mounted servo driven unit.
  • Conveyor: 7200mm long, 82.5mm Delryn slatband
  • Finishing Units: Servo-driven walking beam
  • Overprint Unit: Hot foil, deboss, thermal transfer, inkjet and laser coders.
  • Ancillary Equipment: A wide range is available including – product and label counters, infeed/outfeed monitoring controls. Pharmaceutical security system. Integral vision system with single point interface.

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