The Model 6100 is a table-top, semi-automatic pressure sensitive wrap labeler designed for cylindrical products. It is ideal for labeling small diameter products such as pencils, pharmaceutical vials and syringes, automotive fuses, biomedical and aluminum/plastic tube based consumer products.

Three applicator configurations are available for the Model 6100.

  1. The model 6104 (as shown) equipped with a 204 applicator for products with labels up to 4” wide.
  2. The model 6106 equipped with the 206 applicator for products with labels up to 6” wide.
  3. The model 6172 applicator equipped with a 72x printer/ applicator for print & apply applications up to 4” print width.

The 6100 is easy to operate. An operator keeps the infeed product chute filled with products while gravity brings the products down the to the powered product starwheel. The starwheel rotates the product up to the labeling station, where the powered roller & applicator accurately spin-wraps the label onto the product. Labeled products gently roll down the outfeed product chute for collection.

Various length and diameter products can be changed over and set up easily with “quick change”, tool less, change part starwheels and adjustable infeed rails. The infeed area and starwheel assembly’s are fitted with standard Lexan guarding for added operator safety. The adjustable speed controls allow for easy adjustment of the product throughput rate with standard reference scales.

  • Precise wraparound labeling of cylindrical containers
  • Infeed and outfeed gravity chute for automated labeling
  • Simultaneous “dispense and wrap” method provides product stability and extra control of wraparound labels
  • Stepper drive to synchronously dispense labels onto the products
  • Applicator controls pivot for convenient operation
  • Open design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Tooled infeed starwheels for positive product control
  • Optional coding via hot stamp and thermal printing
  • Small footprint takes up less space
  • Accraply quality and performance you expect

Application Rate:

Up to 1182” (40 m) per minute

Production Rates:

Up to 60 per minute depending on product and label sizes

Electrical Requirements:

110 VAC, Single Phase,

50/60 Hz, 20 Amp Service

Operating Temperatures

41° to 95° F

5° to 35° C


250 lbs

  • Applicators available on the 6100: 204,206 and 720 for print and apply applications.
  • Reference counters on applicator adjustments for vertical, horizontal and lateral movements.
  • Spare “quick change” starwheel assemblies for different sized products.
  • Alarm packages (i.e.: low roll and various other conditions available) with both visual and audible alarms.
  • Approval Ratings CE Mark, CSA and UL available.

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