306 and 309 Label Applicators

Accraply’s model 306 and 309 pressure sensitive label applicators are ideal for a wide range of labeling applications. The three stepper motor drives and integrated electronics provide speed and precision in a modular design.

The 3x Series comes standard as a wipe-on applicator for applying labels to the top, side, or bottom of products. They can be integrated with existing packaging equipment, used as stand-alone portable labelers or supplied with custom designed product handling systems from Accraply.

These high performance labelers offer the flexibility to run many types of pressure sensitive labels including thin films, clear films, hang-tabs, Sensormatic/Checkpoint tags, coupons and booklet style labels.

  • Wide range of label width & length adjustment
  • 16”/400mm diameter label roll capacity with built in label roll OD sensor & advanced label web tension control
  • Dual nip drive and label “push” roller for precise and consistent label feed
  • Independently driven, collapsible rewind for quick easy removal of the waste paper
  • Microprocessor with built-in applicator controls, auto diagnosis and auto set-up of the label sensor and label pitch
  • General error signal to indicate end of labels, missing label on web & no gap found
  • Integrated redundant label applicator control for non-stop label roll changes
  • Automatic product speed following (available with optional shaft encoder)
  • Ethernet Connection for remote monitoring, troubleshooting and set-up
  • USB port can be used for storing set-up parameter

Labelling System General Specifications

  • Label Stop Accuracy: +\- 0.5mm (0.019”) fixed speed +\- 1mm (0.039”) when speed following
  • Label Rolls: O.D. 400mm (16”) Core: 76.2mm (3”) or 101.6mm (6”)
  • Electrical Requirements:110VAC, 50/60HZ, 5.1A 230VAC, 50/60 HZ, 2.1A
  • Weight: 60 Kg (132 lbs.) approximately
  • Operating Temp: 5 – 40 C (41 – 104 F)Humidity30 – 85% non-condensing
  • Certifications: NRTL (US & CA), CE, IP21 (IP54 Optional)
  • 306 Label Applicator

    • Application Rate: 60 meters (2,362 inches) per minute
    • Web Width: 20 - 160 mm (.78” – 6.29”)
    • Weight: 38 kg (84 lbs)

    309 Label Applicator

    • Application Rate: 45 meters (1,771 inches) per minute maximum
    • Web Width: 20 - 233 mm (.78” – 9.17”)
    • Label Width: 20 – 600mm (.78” – 23.6”)
    • Blow-on or Tamp/blow, Corner-Wrap & Adjacent Panel Applicators• Remote operator interface
    • Label coders, i.e. Smart Date or Video Jet thermal transfer coders
    • Ultrasonic label sensor for clear labels
    • Alarm package with light stack and discrete outputs for specific alarms
    • Dual unwinds with splicing table
    • Larger capacity label roll unwinds
    • Kits to run hang-tabs, Checkpoint, and Sensormatic tags

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