Graham & Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite Heat Tunnel

The introduction of the Accraply SleeveMaster Lite sleeve applicator highlighted a requirement for a shrink tunnel to match, both in terms of performance and market position.

Accraply designers have used the performance of the leading industrial equipment to produce the ShrinkMaster Lite shrink tunnel, a fully adjustable and insulated shrink tunnel that is capable of shrinking any container handled by the DF60 applicator. The width of the ShrinkMaster Lite shrink tunnel is adjustable so that it can be mounted on Accraply or customer’s conveyors. The height and angle of the ShrinkMaster Lite shrink tunnel are also adjustable to suit the container and sleeve position. The ShrinkMaster Lite shrink tunnel can also be supplied on an adjustable, free-standing base.

The body of the ShrinkMaster Lite shrink tunnel is made from stainless steel and is insulated on its inner surfaces and shrouded in stainless steel mesh on its outer surfaces to protect operators. Provision is made on the top the body for an exhaust duct to be fitted and enable the waste hot air to be extracted. As a result, tunnel heat losses are minimized, tunnel heat up times are reduced and local ambient temperature rise is minimized.

Container Height min/max: 50 mm/300 mm [1.97 inch/11.81 inch] Container Diameter min/max: 20 mm/150 mm [0.79 inch/5.91 inch] Electrical Requirements: 415 VAC, 3 Phase, 26 Amps

  • Ideal for Low to Medium speed tamper-evident applications
  • Directional hot air shrinking up to 7.5 Kw
  • Insulated & guarded chassis
  • Fully adjustable fan tail shrink nozzles
  • Low running cost. (max 13 amps / phase)
  • Adjustable air flow and temperature
  • Simple screw adjustment for height
  • Supplied complete with fused disconnect box
  • Can be used in series for hi speed or more complicated applications
  • Tunnel Type: Hot Air
  • Conveyor Height min/max: 900 mm/1000 mm [35.34 inch/39.37 inch]
  • Container Height min/max: 50 mm/300 mm [1.97 inch/11.81 inch]
  • Container Diameter min/max: 20 mm/150 mm [.79 inch/5.91 inch]
  • Nozzles: 4 Nozzles length: 300 mm [11.81 inch]
  • Electrical: 415 VAC, 3 Phase, 17 Amps
  • Weight: 100 kg [220.46 lbs]
  • Steam Requirements: N/A

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