Graham & Sleevit Tamper Band Heat Tunnel

The Graham & Sleevit Tamper Band hot air shrink sleeve tunnel is constructed in stainless steel, with open-mesh interlocked safety guarding. Additional modules or other shrink tunnels from the Accraply range may be added to the Tamper Band hot air shrink tunnel to achieve the required shrink profile, even after the original installation. Graham & Sleevit Tamper Band hot air shrink sleeve tunnels have pairs of hot air guns, each pair being fitted to a diffuser, and are designed to shrink either full-body or tamper evident sleeves. The hot air guns have adjustable temperature and air flow controls, whilst the diffusers are fully adjustable to accommodate the range of containers to be processed and ensure an ideal shrink profile and finish.

To fully evaluate your product shrinking requirements, samples of containers and sleeve material are essential. Accraply offers a pre-order test on your products so you can see the results we can obtain, and can also supply detailed pre-sales documentation to assist in creating the perfect sleeve shrink solution. Container Height min/max: 50 mm/300 mm [1.97 inch/11.81 inch] Container Diameter min/max: 20 mm/150 mm [0.79 inch/5.91 inch] Electrical Requirements: 230 VAC, 1 Phase, 16 Amps/400 VAC, 3 Phase, 26 Amps

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Open mesh guards
  • Modular design
  • Two pairs of hot air guns and diffusers to shrink full body or tamper evident sleeve Adjustable hot air delivery manifolds
  • Tunnel Type: Hot Air
  • Conveyor Height min/max: 900 mm/1000 mm [35.43 inch/39.37 inch]
  • Container Height min/max: 50 mm/300 mm [1.97 inch/11.81 inch]
  • Container Diameter min/max: 20 mm/150 mm [.79 inch/5.91 inch]
  • Nozzles: Variable
  • Electrical: 230 VAC, 1 Phase, 16 Amps 400 VAC, 3 Phase, 26 Amps
  • Weight: 175 kg/280 kg [385.81 lbs/617.29 lbs]

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