Graham & Sleevit S2000 Steam Tunnel

The ShrinkMaster S2000 steam shrink sleeve tunnel was designed and developed by Accraply as a result of rapid growth in the use of shrink sleeves, particularly in the form of Sleeve Labels, which highlighted the need for high energy shrinking systems to match the performance of sleeve application machines such as the Sleevit SleeveMaster SLM & SleeveMaster SLM Plus.

The ShrinkMaster S2000 steam shrink sleeve tunnel is a compact design for simple installations, but it is also able to be fitted in series for high-speed or zoned applications. The ShrinkMaster S2000 steam shrink sleeve tunnel is ideally suited for shrinking sleeves to containers with irregular shapes, those that have heavily ‘waisted’ sections or those with large changes in shrink rates. It is also highly capable of shrinking PET sleeves to PET bottles and coping with thinner sleeve materials. ShrinkMaster S2000 steam shrink sleeve tunnels have 12 individually adjustable heating areas, split into 2 zones. Steam management systems provide all the elements of steam conservation and safety and the tunnel carcass is heavily insulated.

  • Superb shrunk finish with Filled or Cold Containers
  • Virtually Dry shrinking
  • Fully Insulated & preheated Chassis
  • Unique Coaxially piped shrinking nozzles to minimize condensation
  • Low running cost. (100 --200 Kgs /Hr Max @ 3 Bar)
  • 12 heating areas split into 2 zones for complex shapes
  • Simple manual adjustment at both ends for complete control
  • Supplied complete with Stainless Steel Prepset & Extraction
  • Can be used in series for higher speed applications
  • Tunnel Type: Dry Steam
  • Conveyor Height: 900 mm/1000 mm, min/max: [35.34 inch/39.37 inch]
  • Container Height: 50 mm/300 mm, min/max: [1.97 inch/11.81 inch]
  • Container Diameter min/max: 20 mm/120 mm [.79 inch/4.72 inch]
  • Pressure: 5 Bar [72.52 PSI]
  • Steam Requirements: 100 - 200 kg/hr
  • Electrical: 230 VAC, 1 Phase, 3 Amps
  • Weight: 350 kg [771.62 lbs]

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