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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tagging System

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Applying EAS tags during production through source tagging can reduce labor expenses for retailers who would otherwise be required to apply the EAS tag themselves. It preserves packaging aesthetics for manufacturers and simultaneously acts as a deterrent to removal.

Applying an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag to a product during the manufacturing or packaging process can help reduce theft, and it gives retailers the ability to have more open merchandising of high-theft products. As an industry leader in EAS tag application, Accraply has a source tagging solution for your product line.

The Accraply Advantage for EAS Label Applicators

Accraply has engineered solutions for the application of Checkpoint or Sensormatic tags onto packaging materials such as printed paperboard boxes. Our rugged designs provide trouble-free operation for the most demanding applications. 

The EAS label applicator model 204EAS offers speeds up to 400 per minute for Sensormatic tags and the 306EAS up to 600 per minute for Checkpoint tags with a placement tolerance of +\- 1.5mm (1/16”). An optional encoder for automatic speed following ensures that tag placement is maintained throughout the speed range of the product handling system. 

The design of the 204EAS & 306EAS EAS label applicators allow for maximum flexibility when integrating with existing packaging equipment. Our heavy-duty mounting stands are portable and allow for a long reach over packaging equipment, such as Folder/Gluers. 

Apply EAS labels more efficiently than ever with little to no downtime by using an Accraply system. Two applicators can operate in redundant mode to reduce or eliminate downtime due to roll changes. Both models feature dual stepper drives and precise web handling control for fast, reliable, and consistent application of Checkpoint or Sensormatic tags onto your products.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tag Applicator

Accraply has custom EAS tagging systems that can be easily integrated into your current production line or as a part of a brand new system. Our EAS label applicators make tagging your products easier and faster, with minimal to no downtime for roll changes. Learn more about our EAS tagging systems.

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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tag Applicator

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