Print and Apply Label Machine

Experience and quality are built into every print and apply label machine produced by Accraply. These compact labeling machines engineered to perform in high-volume production lines. Our print and apply machines deliver clear, readable barcodes and graphics.

All print and apply machines from Accraply provide trouble-free operation thanks to the flexibility of microprocessor control and a highly adaptable, easy-to-use operator interface.

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The Advantages of Print and Apply Labeling

Bring quality, fast, and consistent labeling to your production line with help from the engineers at Accraply.

High Quality Labeling

Create clear and easy-to-read barcodes and label designs. Accraply’s PA2xx and PAx1000 can be engineered with the latest Zebra or SATO print engines. This means you’ll have high-quality labels with minimal machine maintenance required.

Bring Your Labeling in House

Outsourcing your labels is often more expensive and time-intensive than an in-house labeling operation. Print and apply labeling machines are a great option for manufacturers wanting to bring their labeling process in-house, giving you the flexibility to create labels on-demand.

Highly Versatile

Accraply’s advances in print and apply labeling technology give you the opportunity to automatically apply your labels to almost any product on the market. From consumer goods, like food, to pharmaceuticals, Accraply has the labeling solution for you.

Industries that Use Print and Apply Labelers

Many industries and product markets can benefit from using print and apply label applicators. We currently supply our print and apply machines and services to these markets:

  • Newspapers & Publications
  • Case & Pallet
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Contract Packaging
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Food
  • Beverage

Accraply’s Print and Apply Labeling Systems

PA 934 Labeler

The PA 934 Labeler is a new generation printer/applicator from Accraply that has a compact design and is easy to integrate into your existing production line. It can also operate as a standalone portable automatic label machine.

This machine was designed to have 100% tool-free cleaning/replacement of the printhead and silicone rollers. This lets you reduce the time spent on maintenance and get the most out of your machine runtime.

The PA 934’s fan-free, robust metal housing with multiple mounting options makes it ideal for use in any industrial environment.

PAx1000 Labeler

Each 1000 Series labelers from Accraply offers a one-to-one print and apply mode. Machine operation is made easy with the PAx1000’s highly adaptable, easy-to-use operator interface.

The Model 1000 Series provides highly accurate, 100% readable barcodes, and superb graphics. It also uses the latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) print technology.

PA2xx Print and Apply Labeler

The PA2xx is a great option for those needing a label printing and applying machine that doesn’t keep them from achieving their high production volumes.

PA2xx prints clear text and designs that are easy to read. This machine offers a user-friendly operator interface with microprocessor controls for optimal flexibility.

This labeling system is designed to have a compact footprint and integrate with your current packaging equipment. Like the Pax1000, the PA2xx uses the latest Zebra and SATO print technology.

Types of Print and Apply Labelers

There are many ways a print and apply label can be applied. The label application process is decided by the fragility of the product or item being labeled, along with its shape.

Here are a few of the ways an Accraply print and apply label system can apply labels.

  • Wipe-On
  • Tamp/Wipe
  • Tamp/Blow
  • Corner-Wrap
  • Swing-Arm

Custom Solutions for Label Application

Wanting a label solution as unique as your product? Accraply can create a custom print and apply label machine fit to your needs. We have over 50 years of experience in designing and servicing industrial label application systems.

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PA1000 Print and Apply Labeler

PAx1000 Print and Apply Labeler

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PA 934 Print and Apply Labeler

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PA2xx Print and Apply Labeler

PA2xx Print and Apply Labeler

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