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Publication Labelers for Front Page Note Advertising

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Front page note advertising helps draw attention and promote your message or service above the fold to both targeted areas and across the entire publication audience.

Accraply’s compact publication labelers help reach your customers at the point of purchase with front-page note advertising, with its fastest model reaching speeds of up to 80,000 notes per hour. These front-page notes are ideal for:

  • newspapers
  • broadsheets
  • tabloids
  • magazines
  • trade journals
  • brochures
  • pamphlets
  • flyers
  • direct-mail pieces

Front page note advertising helps your message stand out and offers flexibility and convenience. When you apply front page note ads on your publication, your advertisers gain the following benefits:

  • Premium visibility
  • High reader involvement
  • Easy coupon removal
  • Zoning and other targeting potential

Accraply Publication Labeling Machines

There is a lot of opportunity to increase options for advertisers with front page notes. Our high-speed publication labelers will be an asset to your print line with speeds up to 80,000 notes per hour.

Learn more about our publication labelers for front page note advertising applications. You can also contact the Accraply team today to talk about your specific application needs.

5203AL (Up to 60,000 Notes Per Hour)

Apply pre-printed address labels from the underside of a newspaper stream right before the newspapers are stacked for distribution. This high-speed publication labeler is capable of application rates up to 60,000 notes per hour.

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5203LE (Up to 30,000 Notes Per Hour)

The 5203LE publication labeler can reach a label application rate of 30,000 notes per hour. The encoder wheel on the machine will help the machine operator match the product speed of the label dispenser to the dispense speed of the product.

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5203LS Up to 40,000 Notes Per Hour)

The 5203LS labeling machine can apply front page note advertising labels at speeds up to 40,000 notes per hour to tabloids, brochures, pamphlets, newspapers, and more. The spring-loaded applicator brush ensures proper label application every time.

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5203UHS Ultra-High-Speed Labeler (Up to 80,000 Notes Per Hour)

Gain premium front-page visibility with an ultra-high-speed labeler like the 5203UHS publication labeler. With two operator stations, one for applicator setup and another for press control console start and stop.

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5205HS (Up to 80,000 Notes Per Hour)

Add this high-speed publication labeler to your product line to add front page note ads to your printed product for more visibility for advertisers and easy coupon removal for customers.

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Encoder Wheel Operator Station 5203LE Publication Labeler

5203LE (up to 30,000 notes per hour)

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5203LS Publication Labeler

5203LS (up to 40,000 notes per hour)

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Newspaper Labeling 5203AL Publication Labeler

5203AL (up to 60,000 notes per hour)

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5203UHS Ultra High Speed Labeler

5203UHS Ultra High Speed Labeler

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5203HS Publication Labeler

5205HS (up to 80,000 notes per hour)

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