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Full-Body Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines

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The Accraply Shrink Sleeve label applicator models RF150 and RF250 are both compact, operator-friendly, and easy-to-maintain machines that can be used to apply full-body or tamper-evident bands to a variety of container shapes and sizes. The shrinkable material is cut to length and synchronously applied at conveyor speeds for the best possible material-to-container placement accuracy.

Our shrink sleeve label applicator machines can integrate seamlessly with your existing packaging lines. The Accraply team can also help you build a complete system including these full-body shrink sleeve applicator machines, conveyors, and heat tunnels.

Oval, round, and square containers made of plastic, glass, or metal can be handled at speeds of up to 150 (Model RF150) or 250 (Model RF250) units per minute. Sleeve materials made from PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, hybrid, or PLA can be run at a wide range of thicknesses. Containers can be run through the shrink sleeve label applicator machines full or empty utilizing our shrink-sleeve label application systems.

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators from Accraply

The Accraply full-body shrink sleeve applicator machines are operator-friendly and easy to maintain. Both models offer the ability to apply full-body labels and tamper-evident bands. Learn more about our shrink sleeve label applicators below.

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator RF Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

Graham & Sleevit Full Body Shrink Sleeve Applicators: RF150 and RF250

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