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Publication Labelers

Reach customers at the point of purchase with Front Page Note Advertising. This compact labeler applies advertising notes to products at speeds up to 80,000 notes per hour (dependent on product pitch). Newspapers are not the only medium to utilize advertising notes.

Notes can be applied to:

• Broadsheets
• Tabloids
• Magazines
• Trade Journals
• Brochures
• Pamphlets
• Flyers
• Direct Mail Pieces

Front Page Note Advertising is an innovative concept creating an entirely new, premium advertising position on your front page, delivering a unique and valuable promotional opportunity.

When you offer Front Page Note Ads, your advertisers receive:

• Premium front page visibility
• High reader involvement
• Easy coupon removal
• Zoning and other targeting potential

For speeds up to 30,000 notes per hour: 5203LE

For speeds up to 40,000 notes per hour: 5203LS

For speeds up to 60,000 notes per hour: 5203AL 

For servo power up to 60,000 notes per hour: 5205HS

For speeds up to 80,000 notes per hour: 5203UHS