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Shrink Sleeve Application Accessories


The Graham | Sleevit Accumulator has been designed for high-speed lines that require non-stop production whenever there is no container accumulation built into the production line.

When combined with a stand-alone Twin Spool Sleeve Unwind System and splice table, the Graham | Sleevit Accumulator gives the operator time to splice a new reel of sleeve material to the end of the old reel, while the sleeve material already in the Accumulator continues to feed into the sleeve applicator. When the splice has been made, the Accumulator will refill automatically.

The Graham | Sleevit Accumulator can be supplied to store either 50 or 100 meters of sleeve material, according to customer requirements.

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Twin Spool Unwind

The Graham | Sleevit Twin Spool sleeve unwind system is a compact design in its horizontal form, but can also be supplied in vertical form where space is at a premium. It is used to store an additional full roll of sleeve material alongside the roll that is being fed to the sleeve applicator.

Low level and end of reel alarms are fitted to the Graham | Sleevit Twin Spool sleeve unwind system to alert the operator when the sleeve reel is almost empty and stop the process if the sleeve roll ever runs out. An integral splice table enables the splice to be made with minimal down time.

The Graham | Sleevit Twin Spool sleeve unwind system incorporates a small air box material reservoir at its outfeed to reduce the sleeve material tension to a minimum as it is fed into the sleeve applicator.

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Moisture Removal System

The Graham | Sleevit Moisture Removal system is a compact design that has been developed to provide in-line moisture removal from the exterior surface of containers, which is an essential requirement where sleeve application may be impeded by residual moisture on the container surface and can also be used whenever post steam-tunnel drying is required.

The Graham | Sleevit Moisture Removal system is easily incorporated into any Accraply shrink sleeve system. Because it is an independent module, the Graham | Sleevit Moisture Removal system can be installed on any new or existing line, pre or post-fill, and will remove filler overspill or process condensation as required. A maximum of eight air knives can be fitted to the Graham | Sleevit Moisture Removal system. They have a wide range of positional adjustment and easily adjustable outlets to enable containers from 30 mm to 400 mm in height to be processed. The air supply for the Graham | Sleevit Moisture Removal system is provided by two side-channel blowers which are mounted inside the enclosed base, reducing the overall footprint and providing excellent safety protection. The frame, integral drip tray and control panel are manufactured from stainless steel, and a pair of clear plastic doors enable the process to be viewed without restriction.

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