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Harland Linear Labelers

The Solution to your Linear Labeling Requirements

Accraply's line of Harland Linear Labelers produces an extensive range of linear labellers suitable for a multitude of applications in a wide variety of industries. Using cutting edge machine design our exceptionally talented engineers produce high quality solutions to meet our customers’ linear labelling requirements.

From 4 station product labelling machinery to linear labellers developed specifically for particular industries such as pharmaceuticals, we have been providing linear labelling machinery to our worldwide clients for over 40 years.

Whether it is our Sirius range of linear labelling machines or our market-leading Titan labeller, you can be assured that the very highest quality control measures have been implemented to make sure that our machinery offers first class labelling solutions that are efficient, practical and fit for purpose.

Linear Labelling Machines for a Variety of Applications

At Harland our range of linear labellers include a variety of applications including front & back labelling, top & bottom and wrap around, suitable for a wide variety of industries including wet environments.

Linear Applications in Wet Environments

The aseptic, high speed, multi-purpose Neptune linear labelling machine is protected to IP Code 65/NEMA 4X and can withstand the rigours of wet and hazardous production lines through environment proofing which ensures all components are dust & water ingress protected, guaranteeing assured, efficient and reliable operation.

Front & Back Linear Labelling

Our market-leading Titan and Mercury linear labellers have been designed for applying front & back labels to any shape of glass or plastic bottle or container. These linear labelling machines offer fantastic flexibility, high speed capability and, via a four applicator configuration, the advantage of zero downtime auto-change.

Wrap Around Linear Labelling

Packed with the very latest technology, the Eclipse linear labelling machine has been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry to handle high speed partial or full wrap label applications on ampoules or vials. This innovative piece of linear labelling machinery has been designed for both stand-alone or production line use and offers the latest motion control technology to ensure accurate control of both the product and label dispensing functions.

The Sirius VRS, part of our Sirius range of linear labellers, is a cost-effective, versatile and user-friendly linear labelling system which has been designed specifically for high tolerance wrap around applications to a wide range of cylindrical products. The Sirius VRS offers exceptional linear labelling accuracy, zero label skew and allows for maximum product throughput.

Top and Bottom Linear Labelling

Also part of the Sirius family is the Sirius TSB top and bottom labelling system. Using the very latest technology the Sirius TSB has been specifically designed to apply top and/or bottom labels, utilising a twin belt product handling system, and offers a cost-effective, versatile and user-friendly solution to the linear labelling requirements of many of our customers.

What Makes Our Linear Labellers the Best Solution for Your Business?

Using our extensive knowledge base and expertise we have designed all of our machines to offer distinct advantages over our competitors’ products so that our customers get the very best products, every time. Some of the advantages of our linear labelling systems include;

  • Reduced Capital Outlay
  • Quicker Change Over Times
  • Reduced Change Part Costs
  • Greater Access to The Product Line
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Reduced Maintenance Time and Costs
  • Mobility - often smaller machines are used across multiple lines