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ALS 204

*File photo shown. Not actual machine*

Accraply’s model 204, 206, 209 and 256 pressure sensitive label applicators are ideal for a wide range of labelling applications. The dual stepper motor drive and integrated electronics provide speed and precision in a compact design.

The 2x Series comes standard as a wipe-on applicator for applying labels to the top, side, or bottom of products. They can be integrated with existing packaging equipment, used as stand-alone portable labelers or supplied with custom designed product handling systems from Accraply.

These high-performance labelers offer the flexibility to run many types of self-adhesive labels including thin films, clear films, hang-tabs, Sensormatic/Checkpoint tags, coupons and booklet style labels.

  • Application Rate: 25 - 50 meters (984 - 1,968 inches) per minute maximum
  • Web Width: 10 - 233 mm (.39” – 9.17”)
  • Label Length: 5 - 600 mm (.19” – 23.6”)
Click here for the ALS 2x brochure.