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330 PIC

ALS 330

*File photo shown. Not actual machine*

Accraply's 330 is a versatile and reliable pressure sensitive labeling head. Its stepper motor drive and integrated electronics provide speed and precision in a rugged design.

With the 330, labels can be applied to the top, side, or bottom of products at conveyor speeds up to 984" (25 meters) per minute. This high quality labeler can be mounted to existing packaging equipment or operated as a stand-alone unit. The 330 can also be integrated with any one of Accraply's standard or custom product handling solutions for applications such as front, back, or wrap.

The 330's built-in capability to accept variable-data or hot-stamp printers combined with missing label compensation make it ideal for a variety of applications including pharmaceutical.

  • LABEL WIDTH: .39" to 6.29" (10 mm to 160 mm)
  • LABEL LENGTH: .2" to 39" (5 mm to 999 mm)
  • DISPENSING SPEED: 7" to 984" (.2 to 25 M) per minute
  • SPEED FOLLOWING: With optional shaft encoder
  • DISPENSING ACCURACY: ± .019" (.5 mm)
  • APPLIED ACCURACY: ± 1/32" (1 mm)
  • LABELS PER MINUTE: Up to 600 depending on label and product dimensions
Click here for the ALS 330 brochure.