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Shrink Sleeve Converting

The Most Advanced Shrink Sleeve Seamers in the World..

AccraSeam FC

The easiest way to increase production is to not to stop producing! 
The AccraSeam FC is a two shaft unwind and rewind turret seamer, all aimed at one goal: the most production possible. The 4x table automatically sets up the layflat and seam position from the touchscreen, making setups fast and repeatable. The FC features table needle application that is controlled by a servo pump for precise solvent control. Perforation, layflat monitoring, and printing all come standard. 

Maximum Web Speed: 400 mpm
Layflat Range: 50 mm - 305 mm 
Maximum Diameter: 610 mm
Rolls per shift: 131

Click here for the AccraSeam FC brochure.

AccraSeam RT3

95% of the output of the RT3 can be shipped directly!
The RT3 has all the great features of the standard AccraSeam, but has a 3-position rewind turret. With a maximum speed of 600 mpm, operators need 3 shafts just to keep up! By indexing the solvent gap to another roll and running on a clean core, direct shipping can be achieved. Each shaft is flange mounted, allowing for easy changes between core sizes. Both overwind and underwind transfer arms are included, allowing the label to be ran to the customer's specifications.

Maximum Web Speed: 600 mpm
Layflat Range: 50 mm - 305 mm 
Maximum Diameter: 610 mm
Rolls per shift: 88

Click here for the AccraSeam RT3 brochure.


Reduce your setup times!
This machine was designed from the ground up with one thing in mind: performance. The Accraseam is the fastest commercially available seamer, at 600 mpm. A servo-controlled automatic table sets the wheels and shoes up from an entry on the screen. An ultrasonic layflat monitor with on-machine printing is standard on every machine. To grow as your business grows, the AccraSeam can be upgraded in the field to an AccraSeam RT3. 

Maximum Web Speed: 600 mpm
Layflat Range: 50 mm - 305 mm 
Maximum Diameter: 610 mm
Rolls per shift: 42

Click here for the AccraSeam brochure. 

DM12 Shrink Sleeve Inspector

Don't throw out bad material - Doctor it!
Despite the multiple advances in technology, every seamer will still need an inspector to accompany it. Even our non-stop seamer. There will be rolls that have small solvent voids, either where a splice occurs, or when the machine stops and starts. Gone are the days when every foot of material had to be inspected for good seam quality or extreme layflat variations. With better equipment, and better trained operators, the problems that plagued the industry in the beginning are mostly gone.

That’s why we don’t even refer to our machine as an Inspector, it’s just a Doctor Machine, the same that we’ve made for decades. But don’t devalue the need for this machine, it’s still an important part of the shrink sleeve process. 

Maximum Web Speed: 500 mpm
Layflat Range: 50 mm - 305 mm 
Maximum Diameter: 610 mm
Rolls per shift: 40

Click here for the DM12 brochure.