Stanford DM6 Doctor Machine

The lightest tension Doctor Machine® on the market. The DM6 is designed specifically for the wraparound label and narrow-web shrink sleeve markets. This machine has the tension capabilities to run 0.75” material used in the wraparound bottle market, allowing material that would otherwise be scrapped to be rewound and sold.

With carbon-fiber rollers, unique linear rider roll and dancer tension control systems, a fully cantilevered design, and the ability to run web widths as narrow as 15 mm, the DM6 offers unprecedented capabilities for shrink sleeve inspection and narrow web roll doctoring. When equipped with the Shrink Sleeve Package, the DM6 features a UV light and air nozzles for seam inspection, as well as oscillation up to 20 mm.

Accraply engineers a large selection of Stanford Doctor Machines®, a complete line of duplex differential slitter rewinders and shrink sleeve finishing equipment, as well as customized equipment.

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  • Lightest tension rewinder on the market
  • Total minimum tension of 0.3 lbf [0.136 Kgf]
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls with unlimited recipes
  • Return-to-Defect
  • Reversible over/under winding
  • Two-motor smart AC Vector drive system
  • Compact Logix PAC Control
  • Inspection capabilities available
  • Internet based remote diagnostic with WiFi capability
  • Minimum Web Width: 0.59”[15 mm]
  • Maximum Web Width: 6” [152 mm]
  • Maximum Web Speed:1,500 fpm[457 mpm]
  • Maximum Unwind Diameter: 24”[610 mm]
  • Maximum Roll Weight: 200 lbs [91 Kg]
  • Maximum Rewind Diameter: 24”[610 mm]
  • Tension: 0.5 PLI [0.08 Kg/cm]
  • Total Minimum Tension: 0.03 lbf[0.136 Kgf]
  • Trimming Options: Not Available
  • Machine Options: Rider Rolls Shrink Sleeve Package

* Max speed is a function of the material characteristics (including COF, coatings, ink adhesion, curing, and drying), gauge bands, tension and web width

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