A reliable slitter rewinder increases the versatility of your flexible packaging system. At Accraply, we offer industry-trusted Stanford slitter rewinders made to reduce your costs and improve your production line’s efficiency.

Since 1943, Stanford has provided high quality slitter rewinders fit for high production rates. Not only are these solutions cost effective, but they are built to handle all product lines.

Explore the full line of Accraply slitter rewinders and learn more about machine features.

What Is a Slitter Rewinder?

A slitter rewinder is a necessary piece of equipment for those working with flexible packaging materials.

Slitter rewinders take large rolls of material and convert them into multiple, narrower rolls. The machine slits and rewinds incoming materials to the form needed for the next step in the packaging process.

A slitter rewinder machine can cut labels printed on the roll, which are then applied using an automatic labeling system.

Slitter rewinders work at high speeds to unwind material, cut material to different slit widths, and rewind material to form narrower rolls.

Slitter rewinders are well suited for a variety of products and applications. They can be used to cut polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, film laminate, self-adhesive label stock, paper, and other flexible materials.

Stanford Slitter Rewinder Machines at Accraply

Stanford has been a trusted name in the converting industry since 1943. Many machines feature CompactLogix controls, with touchscreens and unlimited recipe storage.

The Stanford line offers right sized solutions for any flexible packaging need or material.

Stanford 1038

Produce rewind diameters up to 24” with the Stanford 1038. This machine is equipped with automatic web guiding, pneumatic differential rewind shafts and unwind/rewind tension control.

Built with flexibility in mind, this machine can fit a wide range of extensible/non-extensible film and paper products.

Stanford 138

The Stanford 138 system is built for speed and versatility. The machine’s compact footprint allows it to be easily added to your production line.

Stanford 3038/3038 HC

The Stanford 3038/3038 HC capable of handling wide web width, large diameters, and high production speeds. Additionally, this machine can split these label materials:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Film Laminates
  • Self-adhesive label stock
  • Paper

Explore Stanford 3038/3038 HC Slitter Rewinders  

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Stanford 438

For the most technologically advanced slit and rewind machinery, choose the Stanford 438. This machine is equipped with ultrasonic unwind measurement, adaptive tension control, and single/dual shaft winding.

Stanford 738HC

The Stanford 738HC Slitter Rewinder can handle a wide range of materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyester. The machine also features integrated web guide and tension control. For easy operating and recipe creation, CompactLogix PAC Control comes standard.

Stanford 738HC Slitter Rewinders

Slitter Rewinder Applications

Roll slitting is a technique used regularly in the converting industry by companies who print, coat, and laminate. Most commonly, converters are companies in the flexible packaging industry who package food and beverage products.


Customized and Innovative Machinery

The skilled Accraply engineers can help determine which Stanford machine is right for your application’s needs.

We strive to provide innovative solutions for all processes in your packaging line. Each Accraply machine can be customized or integrated as required.

Learn more about the full line of Stanford slitter rewinders at Accraply.

3038 slitter rewinder roll 3038 slitter rewinder

Stanford 3038/ 3038 HC Slitter Rewinder

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Stanford 1038 Slitter Rewinder

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738HC slitter rewinder 738HC slitter rewinder knives

Stanford 738HC Narrow Web Slitter Machine

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438 slitter rewinder

Stanford 438 Slitter Rewinder

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Stanford 138 Slitter Rewinder

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