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Shrink Sleeve Converting Equipment & Flexible Packaging Solutions

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Products labeled or decorated with shrink sleeves are proven to sell better than traditional labels. Shrink sleeve packaging has grown wildly popular due to the versatility and vast label application options across many industries.

Shrink sleeve labels can be seen on products in a wide variety of markets, such as household items, pharmaceuticals, and food. Shrink sleeve labels are impressive performers for most container materials and even the most challenging packaging configurations.

When you are looking for shrink sleeve converting equipment, why settle for less than the best? Accraply’s shrink sleeve label machines contain the most advanced shrink sleeve seamers in the world, ensuring accurate seaming with some of the fastest speeds available.

Accraply RevolveTM Platform

The Accraply Revolve line includes three machines with various capabilities, but one ultimate goal: Enhance Productivity. Revolve machines has an intuitive design that reduces operator dependency and enables you to streamline and improve your operations. 

DM12 Shrink Sleeve Inspector

Despite the multiple advances in technology, every seamer will still need an inspector to accompany it—even our non-stop seamer. The Stanford Roll Doctor Machine® doesn’t just inspect, it Doctors material, saving you both time and money.

The Doctor Machine® helps you salvage defective material and repair splices or any other mistakes that may occur during the labeling process. Our heavy-duty Doctor Machines® are a crucial part of the shrink sleeve process, because it saves you the time and money to inspect every single foot of material. Learn more about our Doctor Machines®.

Slitter Rewinders

The job of the slitter rewinder is to cut large rolls of material into narrower rolls for each customer’s varied needs. The Accraply slitter rewinders are well-suited for a variety of products including polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, self-adhesive label stock and paper, and so many more flexible materials.

Learn more about our slitter rewinder machines and how they can make your shrink sleeve converting projects easier.

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Slitter Rewinders

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