Stanford AC400 Shrink Sleeve Label Cutter

Shrink sleeve labels have given companies new opportunities to brand and market themselves to consumers. There are many steps that go into making successful shrink sleeve packaging. One of the most important is when the shrink sleeve is cut.

The cutting process can quickly turn into a pain point for manufacturers in the converting market. Dull or inaccurate cutting machines can lead to more materials wasted.

The AC400 is engineered for precise and high-speed cutting of shrink sleeve labels. Learn more about how the Stanford AC400 helps brands accomplish this.  

The Stanford Brand

The Stanford brand has been a leading provider of machinery for the converting market since its founding in 1943. Accraply is proud to offer the Stanford brand around the world.

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Customized Solutions for Your Converting Needs

All solutions and equipment offered by Accraply are custom engineered to your production requirements. This will maximize your production efficiency, as you’ll have less time spent on machine changeover.

Accraply can also integrate your new machine into the existing production line.

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The Stanford AC400 Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machinery

Servo-Driven Feed Unit

Improve your production’s accuracy with the Stanford AC400’s servo-driven feed unit. This enables you to perform programmable cut-to-length cuts or use a registration sensor.

High-Speed Shrink Sleeve Cutting

The Stanford AC400 can reach cutting speeds up to 400 cuts per minute at 1.96 inches [50mm]. This high-speed cutting and servo-controlled material feed make the AC400 an industry-leading system.

Innovative Technology for Easy Operation

It’s easy to operate the AC400, thanks to its intuitive touchscreen controls and remote diagnostics. The touchscreen control system also allows you to input material “recipes”, making product changeover easier than ever.

The system’s remote internet-based remote diagnostics with WIFI capability will reduce your machine downtime and boost your production rates.

Additional Enhancements Available

Stanford’s AC400 Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine can be purchased with additional machine enhancements, such as:

  • Rewinding
  • Linear Perforation
  • Air Relief Punch

About Accraply

Accraply is proud to be a Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Company. This allows us to extend our service and technology globally.

In addition to the Stanford brand, Accraply also offers these brands of industry-leading label application systems:

  • Graham & Sleevit
  • Harland
  • Trine
  • Accraply

Shrink Sleeve Equipment for the Converting Market

Accraply offers many other machines fit for customers manufacturing shrink sleeve labels.

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Learn More About What Accraply Can Do For You

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  • Minimum Layflat Width: 2" [50 mm]
  • Maximum Layflat Width: 15.75” [400 mm]
  • Maximum Label Length: 15.75” [400 mm]
  • Maximum Web Speed*: 400 cuts per minute at 2” [50 mm]
  • Maximum Unwind Diameter: 26” [660 mm]
  • Standard: Cross Perforation, T-Perforation, Web Guide

* Max speed is a function of the material characteristics (including COF, coatings, ink adhesion, curing, and drying), gauge bands, tension and web width.

  • Rewinding Unit
  • Linear Perforation
  • Air Relief Punch

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