Label Accumulator Machines

Applying shrink sleeve labels without an accumulation system can lead to production delays and limit your production line’s speed. Accraply has designed a label accumulator machine that can be added to your existing production line, making it easy to implement.

The Graham + Sleevit Shrink Sleeve Accumulator

Non-Stop Production

This machine was designed for production lines that require non-stop label production and application. This will let you get the most out of your machine runtime, as you’ll have no need to stop the labelling process due to label accumulation.

High Speed

The non-stop production features of the Graham + Sleevit Shrink Sleeve Accumulator help increase the speed of your labeling process.

Automatic Sleeve Refills

When used with a stand-alone Twin Spool Sleeve Unwind System and splice table, the accumulator will automatically refill itself after the splice has been made. This allows you to splice labels while the machine is still running, helping you improve your production efficiency.

Two Storage Options

This label accumulator has two store capabilities available for purchase, which are 50 or 100 meters of material depending on your application requirements.

Discover the Graham + Sleevit Innovations in Shrink Sleeve Technology

The Graham + Sleevit brand is well-known for their innovations in shrink sleeve application technology. We have seen how shrink sleeve labels have transformed over the last decade, allowing brands to align their marketing strategy with their products packaging.

Graham + Sleevit strives to stay ahead of the everchanging shrink sleeve packaging industry.

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Learn More About Our Label Accumulator

To learn more about how the label accumulator machine can improve your production, contact a representative today.

  • Suitable for high speed lines
  • Designed for nonstop production lines
  • Provides the ability to splice on the fly
  • Stores either 50 or 100 meters of material
  • Electrical: 230VAC
  • Phase: 1
  • Current: 1.2 Amps
  • Capacity: 50 or 100 meters
  • Weight: 1,322lbs [600kg]

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