Degassing valve applicator machines add pressure relief valves to containers and flexible packaging to release internal pressure build up.

The Accraply 204PRV degassing valve applicator is designed specifically for the application of “outside” degassing valves that are used to maintain aroma and quality of products sensitive to oxygen, or to relieve pressure in airtight packaging. The Accraply degassing valve machine applies the valve to the outside of the package, which eliminates an extra step typically required when using conventional, inside degassing valves.

The valve application process is controlled by an integrated microprocessor, which includes oil insertion into the valve, punching a hole into the container, and precisely placing the valve over the hole.

The industrial design of Accraply degassing valve machines allows for a 24/7 operation, which means it can easily be integrated into the rest of your high-volume product line without slowing it down.

204PRV Degassing Valve Machine

Two models of the 204PRV are available for integration with vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines and bag making machines. The “I” model is used with intermittent motion, and the “C” model is for continuous-motion flexible packaging machines. The two models of degassing valve applicators can also be used for valve application onto the lids of rigid containers.

These high-performance degassing valve applicators offer the flexibility to run all makes of currently available valves. They are supplied with modules to inject the oil into the valve, just prior to application, but can also run pre-oiled valves.

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Degassing Valves 204PRV Degassing Valve Applicator

204PRV Degassing Relief Valve Applicator

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