Degassing valves are commonly used in coffee packaging. They can also be used in the packaging of other consumer products including pet food.

Degassing valves help coffee roasters provide a fresher product. After roasting, it may take several weeks or months for the beans to reach the cup of a consumer. This delay in the supply chain makes your application important when shipping products to retail, coffee shops or end consumers.

During the roasting process, coffee beans form volatile gases, such as carbon dioxide. By inserting a degassing valve to coffee bags, beans and ground coffee slowly release C02 without encountering oxygen.

Coffee roasters exploring upgraded packaging options or launching a new brand often incorporate degassing valves in their packaging. There are many benefits to your use in coffee packaging.

Benefits of Degassing Valves in Coffee Packaging

Degassing valves maximize the freshness of your coffee beans on the store shelf. By allowing gas to escape but keeping oxygen out, your coffee beans remain fresh. Oxygen can cause coffee beans to become stale and impact the flavor of beans.

Degassing valves also increase your packaging efficiency. It could take weeks of rest for roasted beans to emit gases prior to packaging. By using a degassing valve on your coffee packaging, you can package beans right away without compromising your product. This allows you to ship more product without tying up production resources.

By releasing internal pressure build up, your packaging can maintain its intended shape. When trapped inside packaging, gases can cause your coffee bags to inflate. This could cause bursting or leaking.

Degassing valves are not necessary for roasters who pack and sell fresh coffee daily. Using a degassing valve ensures a shelf stable product when you cannot control the supply chain.

Coffee Packaging Solutions by Accraply

Accraply produces a series of coffee valve applicator machines designed to integrate with your production line.

Whether you are just starting out as a coffee roaster or, are a recognized brand, we can help.

Accraply is a worldwide provider of flexible packaging solutions. We offer a variety of solutions to improve your coffee packaging.

The Accraply 204PRV machine is designed specifically for the application of “outside” degassing valves. Using a degassing valve applicator maintains product quality and aroma. It also relieves pressure in airtight packaging and protects your product from oxygen.

Our degassing valve applicator is excellent for volume coffee roasters because it can run 24/7. This machinery can easily be integrated with the rest of your high-production product line without slowing it down.

How Are Degassing Valves Applied?

Many consumers do not notice degassing valves when they purchase their coffee.

The Accraply 204PRV applies degassing valves to the outside of the coffee bag. This simplifies the application process, and eliminates an extra step required when applying valves inside of the bag.

The valve application process is controlled by an integrated microprocessor. This process includes oil insertion into the valve, punching a hole into the container, and placing the valve over the hole.

With continuous operation, Accraply degassing valve applicators can apply up to 300 valves per minute.

Accraply machinery boasts industry-best speed and consistency. We make it easy for your brand to provide a ready-to-ship shelf-stable product faster than ever before.

Accraply 204PRV Degassing Valve Applicator Machines

Depending on the size of your production, you may have different needs. Accraply offers two model options under the 204PRV line.

These products seamlessly integrate with vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines and bag making machines.

The 204PRV-I model is intended for intermittent motion, capable of applying 110 valves per-minute.

For larger roasters, the 204PRV-C model provides continuous motion integrated into your flexible packaging line.

These top performing coffee valve applicators offer the flexibility to run all makes of currently available valves. They come with oil injection modules but can also run pre-oiled valves.

Learn more about the Accraply 204PRV machines to see how it will fit seamlessly into your product line.

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