All Accraply standalone labelers—commonly known as “head-on-post” labeler machines—are modular, high-performing, and pressure-sensitive label applicators that are also portable.  

The ALS 2x Series comes standard as a wipe-on applicator for applying labels to the top, side or bottom of products. This series of small pressure-sensitive bottle labeler applicator machines can be integrated within existing packaging equipment. They can also be used as standalone portable labelers or supplied with custom-designed product handling systems from Accraply. This series offers the flexibility to run many types of self-adhesive labels including thin films, clear films, hang-tabs, Sensormatic/Checkpoint tags, coupons and booklet style labels.

The 3x Series is built for continuous multi-shift operations and features three on-board drive motors for precise label placement, at speeds of up to 1,000 units per minute. They come standard with 400mm/16” label roll capacity, powered unwind assist and the ability to reconfigure the unit to easily fit into your existing packaging line.

Both series of industrial portable labelers can be fitted with blow-on, tamp-blow, tamp-wipe, dual label, corner-wrap or completely custom label applicators. They also share many features and options such as conveyor speed following, redundant control, alarm light stacks, IP ratings for wet/dusty environments, ethernet connection and printers for variable print data.

Small Pressure Sensitive Bottle Label Applicators

The Accraply industrial portable labeler machines offer high-performance and ease of use with its portability and integration possibilities. Learn more about our smaller industrial label applicator machines below.

2xx drawing 2xx Label Applicators

2xx Label Applicators

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30x drawing 30x Label Applicators

306 and 309 Label Applicators

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