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Accraply’s HMI for Labeling Machines

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Accraply and the Intelligent Systems team at Barry-Wehmiller have collaborated to design a human machine interface (HMI) that provides greater insight into your labeling operations to help increase the overall productivity of your plant. This system enables you to increase uptime and throughput, simplify operator processes, and leverage technology to enhance your overall labeling process.

The pace of connectivity between human and machine is accelerating, and it is a critical technology for competing in today’s market. Accraply’s human machine interface technology offers intuitive operations, efficient performance, and easy accessibility. Learn more about our HMI for labeling machines below.

Ease of Operation & Training

Accraply’s human machine interface for labeling machines is designed for ease of operation and training, offering video tutorials and on-demand training guides to make set up and operations a simple matter. On-board manuals, drawings and consumable parts ordering enable the operator to find information and submit parts orders utilizing the HMI. Additionally, self-diagnosing software helps to educate operators on faults and assists operators in troubleshooting.

Increase Uptime & Throughput

Accraply’s HMI improves labeling machine efficiency with preventive maintenance schedules that display daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for your operator and maintenance team. In addition, improved analytics dashboards provide critical information regarding the machine’s availability, performance, and condition, which increases operation uptime. 

Accraply’s human machine interface technology is designed to accommodate rapid changeovers―the Smart HMI stores recipes and provides video changeover guides to assist operators and reduce downtime. The SmartLink control technology empowers operators with information required to solve problems or boost efficiency wherever they are.

SmartLink Interface

 SmartLink interface allows plant management to leverage human machine interface technology to optimize the labeling process in front of the machine or remotely. Remote machine access can be reached through smart tablet or phone, allowing for more interface capabilities. Accraply also offers machine configuration and set up audit trail to ensure that the product is working correctly, and remote video expert assist from a highly trained local support team through your smart device.

Partner with Accraply for Human Machine Interface Technology

Accraply offers industry leading HMI for labeling machines that gives our customers a competitive edge in today’s market. Onboarding is simple. With on demand training available, your operators can quickly and independently master the interface. Point- of- use tutorials are provided, including “how-to” checklists, video tutorials, single page instructions and other streamlined training content. HMI also increases uptime and throughput for greater efficiency, and SmartLink technology to optimize the labeling process. Contact us at info@accraply.com today to schedule a demo!

HMI Machines Available from Accraply

In today’s competitive market, Accraply is working to offer HMI technology for a variety of our machine’s operating systems to give our customers an industry advantage. View the machines that have standard or optional human machine interface technology available below.

Sirius 100 Pressure Sensitive Labeling System

The Sirius 100 comes with human machine interface included with the standard labeling system.

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Sirius MK6 Advanced Pharmaceutical Grade Labeler

This pharmaceutical grade labeler offers the option to include HMI operations to its system.

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Front, Back and Wrap Labeling Systems

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