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Service in Shrink Sleeve Labeling

A Continuum of Service in Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Aug 08, 2019

Shrink sleeve labeling has become a go-to labeling solution for containers in many different industries. With limited time and space to catch the eye of a customer, shrink sleeve labels can give products a sleek, attractive package that pops out on the shelf. So, when companies choose their supplier for shrink sleeve labeling equipment, they need to choose wisely.

It’s one thing to want the best shrink sleeve labeling equipment, but you also need your supplier to have the expertise and be a trusted advisor for your labeling solution to be efficient and productive. And that knowledge should not only include the labeling of your product, but of the label converting process as well.

Accraply is the home of two well-known brands for shrink sleeve label converting (Stanford) and shrink sleeve labeling equipment (Graham & Sleevit). Stanford’s experience with converting equipment dates back more than 75 years and they are also known as the creators of the original Doctor Machine, which is now the standard in the industry. Building on their superior proficiency in tension control while perfecting the nuances of web handling, they applied that mastery to shrink sleeve converting – and now Stanford is recognized as a provider of first-class shrink sleeve converting equipment.  The Graham & Sleevit brands have more than 40 years of experience making application machinery for shrink sleeve labeling.

For customers, this gives Accraply the edge in skill and performance. Through our two trusted brands, we provide service at the beginning and end of the labeling process. We not only are able to help you with the application of the label on your product, but we have the knowledge of how that sleeve was created – and how to avoid costly defects. Our team can help you with the ins and outs of proper shrink sleeve label handling and quality label application to minimize waste. All these insights help you to improve the efficiency of your equipment and reduce waste while creating unique containers that maximize shelf appeal and product differentiation and decreasing the total cost of ownership of your equipment.

If you’d like to learn more about Accraply’s expertise in shrink sleeve converting and shrink sleeve labeling equipment, click here.