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Top 5 Benefits of PS Degassing Valves

Top 5 Benefits to utilizing Pressure Sensitive Degassing Valves

Mar 15, 2022

When it comes to choosing whether to utilize a pressure sensitive degassing valve for your coffee bags, it is important to review several different factors – manufacturing space and strategy, sustainability, and cost. In this post, we’ll highlight the top five benefits to utilizing a pressure sensitive degassing valve.

Eliminate need for Degassing Bins

Degassing coffee beans after roasting is required if you plan to bag them. One way to do this is through degassing bins, these bins have a high capital expense and take up a large amount of space in your manufacturing facility. Degassing bins also require you to have the roasted coffee degas in the bins for up to 14 days before shipping. Utilizing degassing valves eliminates the need for degassing, allowing you to immediately bag and ship your coffee.  Degassing valves also eliminate the capital expense and space requirements associated with degassing bins.


Sustainability continues to play a large roll in decision making for customers. Having a more sustainable package can be an added benefit to your customers. Utilizing a pressure sensitive valve can be more sustainable than a button valve. For example, CCL’s Flexis™ Air Coffee Valve utilizes 95% less fossil material, 73% less water and 87% less energy during production compared to the average button valve.

Allows for Supplier and Marketing Flexibility

Pressure sensitive valves are not specific to one type of film or supplier, allowing the flexibility in the different types of film you utilize. This flexibility allows you to switch suppliers if a vendor capacity and/or delivery doesn’t suit your production schedule. It also enables you to use different films for different coffee brands, without adding different equipment.

Increase Line Speed

Line production speed is slower when using injection molded valves. For injection molded valves the line speeds tend to only go up to 60 per minute. However, when utilizing a pressure sensitive valve application, the line speeds can be drastically increased. This helps reduce overall demand for the number of operators on the line, reducing labor costs. It can also help eliminate the need for additional machines, thereby reducing capital cost.


Going beyond the labor cost and capital costs that were included previously, the costs of the valves themselves also play a roll. Pressure sensitive valves cost on average 30-50% less than injection molded valves.

Choosing a Degassing Valve Applicator

The benefits listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Each valve and degassing methodology come with its own list of characteristics and benefits. At Accraply, our 204 PRV degassing valve applicator works with all pressure sensitive valves. Giving you the flexibility in finding the right valve for you. For help finding the best solution for your product, contact Accraply today.