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Percision Redefined - Transformed labeling process

Precision Redefined: How Accraply and Viking Plastic Packaging Transformed Behrens’ Labeling Process

Sep 20, 2023
Behrens, a renowned manufacturer of pails, ash cans, and various other metal containers, faced significant challenges with the precise labeling of their products. The complex surfaces and varying consistencies of their buckets made hand-labeling a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Seeking an efficient and accurate labeling solution, Behrens partnered with Viking Plastic Packaging and the Accraply brand to find the perfect fit for their needs.

The Challenge: Precision Labeling for Unique Packaging

Behrens struggled with accurately applying labels to their buckets. Hand-labeling proved cumbersome, impacting the visual appeal of their products on the shelves, and slowing down their production process. Additionally, the tapered shape and beveled edges of the pails posed a considerable challenge for an automatic labeling process.

“We were facing a significant challenge in accurately labeling our pails due to their unique
shape and surface irregularities,” said Matt Meyer, Manufacturing Engineer at Behrens
Manufacturing. “Hand-applying the labels was not delivering the precise results we needed for our branding and marketing.”

Previous attempts with other vendors were unsuccessful in meeting the precise labeling requirements. This led Behrens to reach out to Viking Plastic Packaging to help source a reliable solution that could enhance their branding and marketing efforts.

The Partnership: Viking Plastic Packaging and Accraply

With its regional expertise and reputation for maintaining strong customer relationships, Viking Plastic Packaging understood Behrens’ challenge. Dean Capps, an Equipment Specialist from Viking Plastic Packaging, identified an opportunity to collaborate with BW Labeling, (formerly known as Accraply) a leader in labeling equipment known for its high-quality solutions.

Having previously worked on successful projects with Alexa Bridges, a Regional Sales Executive from BW Labeling, Dean knew that their combined expertise could address all of Behrens’ labeling needs.

“When Dean approached me about the opportunity with Behrens, I knew it wouldn’t be a problem for us,” Bridges said. “BW Packaging does a great job of maintaining good relationships with our vendors and suppliers, so we can meet our customers’ needs in a timely manner.”

Given the project’s demanding timeline, Accraply, as a brand of BW Packaging, strategically leveraged its extensive network of supplier relationships to guarantee the timely delivery of the machine. Further, Accraply’s engineering expertise proved crucial in designing a customized label applicator to tackle Behrens’ complex labeling requirements. The label applicator was precisely engineered to accommodate the irregular surfaces and tapered design of Behrens’ buckets. Accraply’s ability to provide a superior labeling solution within the desired timeframe gave Behrens the confidence they needed to move forward.

Addressing the Challenge: Precision Labeling Made Easy

The collaboration between Viking Plastic Packaging and the Accraply brand brought forth an innovative and efficient solution that was delivered on time. Accraply’s label applicator, tailored to meet Behrens’ specific requirements, demonstrated its capabilities in precisely labeling the tapered pails with accuracy and consistency.

With the new labeling solution in place, Behrens experienced a significant improvement in the accuracy and appearance of their labels on the buckets. The precise application enhanced their product’s visual appeal, positively impacting their branding efforts.

The label applicator’s automation also resulted in increased efficiency and reduced waste in the labeling process. Behrens’ workforce was also freed from the repetitive and time-consuming task of hand-labeling, allowing them to focus on a different area of the line, increasing line throughput. The combination of accuracy, efficiency, and improved aesthetics led to a stronger market appeal.

“The precision labeling solution from Viking Plastic Packaging and Accraply has been a game-changer for us,” said Meyer. “Our products now boast a professional and consistent appearance, improving our branding efforts. The new labeling system has streamlined our production process, allowing us to meet demand more efficiently. It’s a partnership we truly value.”

“The collaboration between Viking Plastic Packaging and Accraply has exceeded our expectations,” said Bryce Tschumper, Equipment and Facilities Manager at Behrens Manufacturing. “Their innovative labeling solution has not only enhanced our product branding but also opened doors to new growth opportunities. We appreciate their dedication to excellence and look forward to more successful projects together.”

In Conclusion

By leveraging Accraply’s engineering expertise and high-quality label applicator, Behrens achieved precise label application, enhanced branding, and increased efficiency.

The successful outcome of the project fostered a long-term partnership between Behrens, Viking Plastic Packaging, and Accraply. Behrens’ trust in Accraply’s reliable equipment and service support has led to discussions about future projects, including additional labeling solutions for Behrens’ diverse product range.

The partnership exemplifies the value of collaborating with experts like Viking Plastic
Packaging and Accraply, who strive to provide tailored solutions and exceptional customer service.