Accraply offers a wide range of heat tunnels for the applicator of heat shrinkable sleeve labels and tamper evident bands on your products. Hot air is moved through the machine to make the shrink sleeve label fit and adhere to the product container.

We offer both radiant heat tunnel machines and hot air tunnel machines. They are very similar, but the heat elements and how the flow of hot air is directed within the machines are different, and you may need one or the other based on the type of shrink sleeve you are using to label your product.

Hot air tunnel machines for shrink sleeve labels heat the air in the machine and then blow it on the sleeve and product for an effective distribution of hotter or cooler air. Radiant heat tunnel machines emit infrared radiation that the shrink sleeves absorb. The Accraply team can help you find the right machine for your shrink sleeve label application.

Accraply’s heat shrink tunnel machines are manufactured to meet or exceed the standards of industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and beverage. No matter your application, our team can help you find the perfect combination of heat shrink systems for your product label.

The Graham & Sleevit range of shrink sleeve tunnels from Accraply can be supplied as part of a full sleeving system with a conveyor, or as a single item for incorporation into an existing packaging line.

Heat Shrink Tunnel Machines

The heat tunnels for shrink labels from Accraply can easily incorporate into your existing packaging line or be a part of a new full sleeving system. Learn more about our catalog of heat shrink tunnel machines below.

Radiant Tunnel

Graham & Sleevit Radiant Heat Tunnel

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shrinkmaster Lite Heat Tunnel

Graham & Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite Heat Tunnel

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Shrinkmaster 1500 Heat Tunnel

Graham & Sleevit ShrinkMaster R1500 Heat Tunnel

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Graham & Sleevit ShrinkMaster R750 Heat Tunnel

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Tamper Band Hot Air Tunnel

Graham & Sleevit Tamper Band Heat Tunnel

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