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Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators & Tunnels

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Improve your packaging line’s efficiency with a shrink sleeve label machine from Accraply.

With the capability to label a wide range of container types, Accraply’s range of shrink sleeve machines are suitable for many industries.

Together with the Barry-Wehmiller family of companies, Accraply works to provide new and innovative technology throughout your packaging line. Accraply customers benefit through our flexible packaging solutions and leveraging the collective experience of the BW Packaging Company. With Accraply, the most vital components of your packaging line can be fully customized to your needs.

Besides our industry-leading sleeve labeling machines, we strive to offer innovative machinery for all steps of your production line.

Accraply is a trusted name in the packaging industry. We have been offering high-speed labeling solutions for over 40 years. Learn more about our wide range of shrink sleeve labeling systems and how they can benefit your business.


How Do Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines Work?

Commonly used for food, beverage, or personal care items, shrink sleeve machines work by applying heat to shrink sleeve labels. The heat causes it to tightly conform to the body of the product’s packaging, creating an eye-catching label that can easily be recycled.

There are multiple types of shrink sleeve machines. The right one for your business depend on your industry’s demands.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Packaging

Besides high-speed production and reduced operating costs, switching to shrink sleeve labels improves your product. Here are a few ways this occurs:

  • Shrink sleeve allows for the product’s container to be fully recycled after use
  • Shrink sleeve labels can be used to create tamper evident band for easy product seals, empowering your customers to shop safely
  •  Enables creativity to shine through the product’s packaging with 360° labeling

Labels can fit a wide range of product packaging sizes and shapes

Accraply’s Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators

All things are possible with a shrink sleeve solution from Accraply. Whether it’s dealing with difficult packaging shapes or reducing the amount of wasted materials, all machinery can be customized to fit your needs.

Mandrel Shrink Sleeve Applicators (VF)

It can be difficult to find durable equipment as a high-volume manufacturer. As a manufacturer ourselves, we know that machine downtime is expensive. For a durable and high-speed sleeve application, use the Accraply Mandrel Style Shrink Sleeve machine. The small footprint, simple operator interface and minimal machine maintenance make these models one of the most cost-effective machines on the market.

Rotary-Feed (RF) Shrink Sleeve Applicator


The Accraply Shrink Sleeve Models RF150 and RF250 are compact and easy-to-operate shrink sleeve machines. These products are used to apply full-body or tamper-evident bands to a variety of container shapes and sizes.

Direct Apply Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators (DF)

These shrink sleeve applicators are specially designed to suit almost any customer requirement. We offer industry-trusted Graham & Sleevit direct apply systems. 

Steam Shrink Sleeve Tunnels

With customizable configuration, Graham & Sleevit shrink sleeve tunnels are easy to add to an existing packaging line or as a standalone machine.

Steam tunnels are great for the complicated shrink sleeve and product containers.

Heat Shrink Sleeve Tunnels

The type of heat shrink sleeve tunnel you use will be dependent on the type of label being applied. At Accraply, we offer radiant heat and hot air tunnel machines.

Available as a conveyor-operated full sleeving system or as a standalone machine, improving your production line and packaging quality is easy.

Accessories for Sleeving Machinery

In addition to providing the systems and maintenance, we also have add-ons for improving your sleeving machinery. We offer accessories for improving:

  • Non-stop high-speed production
  • Removing moisture
  • Label roll changeover time 

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If you don’t know your way around a shrink sleeve machine or need help choosing between a Rotary-Feed Applicator vs. Mandrel Shrink Sleeve Applicator, our trained support personnel can help. Contact us at the Accraply office nearest you.

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