Accraply’s Stanford brand offers a variety of versatile slitter rewinder machines to fit each of our customers’ varied needs and applications through high-quality production capabilities and low-maintenance costs. As a slitter rewinder machine manufacturer, we can customize our machines to meet your specific requirements.

Slitter rewinders perform a type of shearing that cuts large rolls of material into multiple, narrower rolls. A slitter rewinder unwinds the material, runs it through the machine to be cut, and rewinds the material on one or more shafts to form narrower rolls.

Slitter rewinder machines are typically used in the converting industry by companies that produce flexible packaging material for product containers like bottles, cans, and boxes. The slitter rewinder cuts down the printed and coated materials used in labeling machines.

Accraply Slitter Rewinder Machines

Each slitter rewinder Accraply offers is well-suited for a wide range of products including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, film laminate, self-adhesive label stock and paper, as well as other flexible materials. Learn more about Accraply’s catalog of Stanford slitter rewinder machines by following the links below.

1038 slitter rewinder 1038 slitter rewinder knives

Stanford 1038 Slitter Rewinder

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138 slitter rewinder

Stanford 138 Slitter Rewinder

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3038 slitter rewinder roll 3038 slitter rewinder

Stanford 3038/ 3038 HC Slitter Rewinder

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438 slitter rewinder

Stanford 438 Slitter Rewinder

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738HC slitter rewinder 738HC slitter rewinder knives

Stanford 738HC Slitter Rewinder

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