Our Accraply and Harland pressure sensitive labeling machines are ideal for many different types of products, including those that require strict compliance to specification documents and validation. These labelers are especially ideal for the pharmaceutical, household and personal care industries, applying front and back, top and bottom and wraparound labels — but they are certainly not limited to those products.

With innovative solutions for difficult label placement, Accraply’s pressure sensitive labelers offer many options for customers with challenging applications. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, this pressure sensitive equipment provides placement accuracy, ease in setup, quick changeovers and reliability.


All Accraply standalone labelers (commonly known as head-on-post labelers) are modular, high-performance, pressure sensitive label applicators that are portable. They come with plenty of features and options, like conveyor speed following, redundant control, alarm light stacks, IP ratings for wet/dusty environments, ethernet connection and printers for variable print data.


Our linear pressure sensitive labeling machines are suitable for high speed production lines, as well as multiple applications across a wide range of industries. Our range of linear labelers are well-known throughout the industry and consistently achieve industry-leading efficiencies and reliability at the highest linear line speeds.


We offer a range of peripheral equipment to complement our labeling solutions. At the center of our thinking is customer functionality, ease of use and application flexibility.


A pressure sensitive label applicator designed specifically to apply the “outside” degassing valves, often found on food or coffee packaging. These high-performance pressure sensitive label applicators offer the flexibility to run all makes of outside valves currently available.


Experience and quality are built into every print & apply labeler that leaves our plant. Our series of labelers provide trouble-free operation thanks to the flexibility of microprocessor control and a highly adaptable, easy-to-use operator interface.


Accraply’s compact publication labelers reach customers at the point of purchase with front-page note advertising, with its fastest model reaching speeds of up to 80,000 notes per hour. These front-page notes are not just ideal for newspapers – but also for broadsheets, tabloids, magazines, trade journals, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and direct-mail pieces.

Wraparound Linear Labeling Machines

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Double-Side Sticker Labeling Machines

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Front, Back and Wrap Labeling Systems

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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tagging System

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Publication Labelers for Front Page Note Advertising

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Print and Apply Labelers

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Degassing Valve Applicator

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Labeling Machine Accessories

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Industrial Portable Labeler Machines

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