At Accraply, we create innovative automatic labeling machinery made to improve your production line’s efficiency. We manufacture a complete line of cost-effective pressure sensitive labeling machines designed to handle any label size or shape.

Manufacturers who handle a wide range of package types and sizes count on Accraply for their pressure sensitive labeling needs. Whether you need to apply degassing valves to coffee bags or wrap around labels to cans, jars, Accraply has a solution.

How Do Pressure-Sensitive Labelers Work?

Many applications require pressure sensitive labeling technology. Pressure sensitive labels have an adhesive glue backing that will adhere to most surfaces when pressure is applied.

Customized labels are fed from rolls into the labeling machine. The labels then work down the machine onto an applicator grid towards the vacuum applicator grid. At this stage, automatic pressure sensitive labelers use light or moderate pressure to apply labels to the product. This pressure activates the adhesive causing the label to stick to the product.

Pressure sensitive labelers integrate with a variety of product handling machinery and are an important component within a complete packaging line.

Pressure sensitive machinery can apply labels in a variety of ways. Some of the most common labeling types seen are wraparound or front and back labels. This equipment can also be used to apply top and bottom labels to flexible packaging.

Types of Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems Offered by Accraply

Accraply manufacturers, supports and distributes both Accraply and Harland pressure sensitive labeling equipment.

With over 50 years of experience in this space, each of our pressure-sensitive systems can be customized for your application. We also offer many add-on features, such as conveyor speed following, to increase your production line’s efficiency.

Linear Label Application Systems

Built for high-speed production, our linear label machinery is suitable for many industries and applications.

In addition, our machinery is equipped with innovative technology that’s easy to use. 

Degassing Valve Applicator

This pressure sensitive label applicator was designed to apply “outside” degassing valves, commonly seen on coffee packaging.

Not only does it extend the shelf life of your product, but it also enhances your product’s value.

Print & Apply Labelers

Print and Apply labelers are perfect for simple applications. These labelers provide trouble-free, user-friendly operation.

Publication Labelers

Catch your readers attention by utilizing front-page notes on your next publication.  These machines are ideal for a large variety of publications, such as:

  • Newspapers
  • Broadsheets
  • Tabloids
  • Magazines
  • Direct-mail advertisements
  • Brochures 

Accessories for Labeling Equipment

To fit your applications needs, Accraply offers a wide range of peripheral equipment to complement our labeling solutions.

This allows our machinery to be easy to operate and flexible.


The Benefits of Accraply Labeling Systems

With innovative solutions for difficult label placement, Accraply’s pressure sensitive labelers offer many options for customers with challenging applications. Accraply pressure sensitive labelers feature:

  • Well thought out design
  • Placement Accuracy
  • Ease in Setup
  • Quick Changeovers
  • Industry Best Reliability

Customized Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment

If you're not sure which Accraply machine works best for you or need something different from stock products we can help. Our engineers will help determine which machine is right for your labeling needs.

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